Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Daisy Scout Day Camp

Today Emma got to attend the Daisy Scout Day Camp that was postponed from last week due to the rain. The girls had a MUCH better time on this beautiful day than they could have had last week when it was cold and rainy! Her best buddy Jadyn attended camp with her and they had a great time, despite being separated into different groups. While the girls attended camp, Kara, Kya, Gage and I went to the zoo since we had 4 hours to kill! (Check out Kara's blog with pictures from the day camp and zoo by clicking on her link)

What cute little girls Emma and Jadyn are!

Emma, Jadyn, Kya and Gage posing for a picture. Gage wasn't too thrilled about the thought of attending a Girl Scout camp!

Emma learning the Girl Scout promise!

One of the things they got to do was make their own snacks of s'mores. They fired up this grill that is in the park and had the coals hot and then placed the aluminum foil over the top. When they were placing the s'mores on the foil, I thought to myself, "Hmmm, that's an interesting way to makes s'mores! I would have never thought of doing it like that!?"

So, now you can see they are having a bit of difficulty getting the graham cracker to lay on top of this round marshmallow. "Hmmm............maybe we should have done this differently?"

As you can see, this made quite a big mess. The chocolate melted before the marshmallows did. Even though it looks messy, the s'mores look more appealing than the rolls! :-) (Sorry, I couldn't resist, especially since I was the one with the camera!)

Emma's mouth is already watering and she can't wait to bite into this delicious looking treat!

Mmmm, Mmmmm good!

Emma's favorite part of any activity is snack time!

When we came back from the zoo and saw that the girls were making s'mores, Gage decided that maybe joining the Daisies for a little while wasn't such a bad idea! He did get Loretta to feel sorry for him enough that she let him make his own s'more. After she walked away, I was standing there helping Gage with his snack and a little bit of wind caught ahold of the aluminum foil and blew it right into me and burned my finger. I think it was the melted chocolate that actually burned my finger, not the foil.

Check out the blister on my pinkie finger knuckle! I don't think I've ever been burned badly enough to get such an awful blister, and it was at a Daisy Scout Day Camp!? I think maybe making s'mores in that manner was perhaps not the best plan? I'm just thankful it was my finger that got burned, and not a little girl's face! OUCH!

The girls also got to decorate their own flower pots and plant a flower to bring home! (As you can see by the chocolate all over Emma's face, she really enjoyed that s'more!)

Loretta came down from the district office to help out with the day camp. She had ALOT of energy and I think Emma was not quite sure about her at first!

Loretta teaching the girls another fun song.

Here's a great video that catches Loretta's energy. I've never seen anyone quite like her, and I really enjoyed her performances! :-) I wish I had just a little bit of that spunk in me!

The girls earned their first patch to put on their uniform smocks by attending day camp. Emma was very proud of her patch because she has been seeing Gage earning different patches through Cub Scouts. We lost it before we got home and searched ALL OVER the van for it. Emma kept telling me it fell on the floor and I picked it up. I couldn't remember keeping ahold of it and swore Emma had it. After she started having some serious tears over the lost patch, she found it in her shoe!? Go figure!? (I knew I gave it back to her!)

We had a great time at the zoo with Kara and Kya. Gage wanted to have his picture taken with Kya with the zoo sign. He really enjoys spending time with her, he just wishes she wasn't so shy!

I couldn't resist taking this picture of the otter at the zoo. Boy, if only I could have joined her after this long, fun day!

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Kara said...

Great pictures! Oh Stacy, that blister must hurt so much! I have gotten burned like that too...just not at Daisy camp ;) and it is so tender! We had a great time and can't wait for the Daisy fun to begin this Fall!