Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Severe weather

We had some severe weather warnings here this evening. They blew the tornado whistle here in Bismarck a few different times as there was a funnel cloud spotted near the Bismarck-Mandan area. I don't get too worked up with severe weather. In fact, I kind of enjoy it. I guess I have never had a big event that I can remember to cause me to freak out. At one point Scott told the kids about 2-3 different times that if he said it was time to go to the basement, then they needed to drop what they were doing and go, no questions asked. Well, after about the 2nd or 3rd time of telling them this, Emma started to get a little concerned. I told Scott to knock it off because he was scaring her. Emma took her blanket, a pillow, webkinz and I'm not sure what all else (she shouldn't have needed to take too much because most of her stuff is already in the basement) to the basement and just sat down there and played for awhile. I think she figured she was going to be prepared and just be down there already if Scott said the word! Scott has a tendency to get a little freaked out, although he held it together this evening, when we have severe weather. I think it's hereditary. Anyway, not too much happened. We got a little rain out of the whole thing and that's about it for us. We did move things around in the garage so Scott could get his truck in the garage in case it hailed, as they were reporting tennis ball-sized hail at one point with 70 mph winds. Thankfully we didn't get any of that.

Not too much exciting happened today. I worked some more on getting wallpaper removed in Emma's room. I'm working pretty slow at it, but I shouldn't have to go back over it at all when I'm done, I should just be able to go straight to town painting. I think we've decided on a theme for Emma's room. With her dollhouse bed, I thought it would be cute to paint some sort of outdoor theme on the walls. So I think we're going to do a powder blue base paint on the walls, and then I'm going to stencil a white picket fence around the lower part of the room on the two outside walls that have the ledge along the walls. If I can find someone who is good at drawing and painting, I might see about painting a big tree on one wall and I would like to have a few birds and maybe butterflies and dragonflies, and maybe one big bumblebee that would completely freak Emma out! HA HA! Maybe I could desensitize her to bees by painting a mural of one on her walls? That'd be plain torture on her I think?

I took these photos yesterday evening when Scott and his Dad put the bed together and I thought about not posting them yet, until the room was finished, but that might be awhile at the rate I'm going, so figured I would go ahead and put them on.

All the pieces fit in the room, now let's see if they fit in the room when assembled!

I tried getting a photo of Emma's expression when she first saw the bed. I caught it as best as I could. She is very excited about it. So excited, in fact, that she is telling EVERYONE about her new bed. I've been having talks with her about it, because I don't want it coming across that she's bragging in any way. It's hard to teach that to kids, and I keep trying to give her scenarios of how would she feel if so and so did or said this? I hope it's working!?

Emma climbs up the steps to check out her new sleeping area!

Here's her new bed! I found a picture of one like this online and Emma wanted her Grandpa S. to build it for her so she could have a bed similar to Gage's. We're going to have to figure something out with the desk part of it because I know one of the kids is going to try and stand on it and it will snap the top in two. I can already see that happening. Especially when Emma took our neighbor kids down to her room for them to check it out and they immediately all crawled up into the bed and started trying to put things into the ceiling fan. I put a stop to that when saw the wheels turning. Tonight at bedtime I heard a loud noise and it sounded like the wooden blinds in one of the kids' bedrooms fell down. After I heard it the second time, and decided it wasn't the cats, I went down to check to see what it was. Emma told me she would tell me if I promised not to get mad. I promised and she said she saw Erik putting Webkinz into the ceiling fan and she wanted to try it. Well, apparently the Webkinz were being shot into the blinds. I told her NOT to do that anymore, and she would probably ruin her Webkinz by doing that (not to mention the ceiling fan or blinds) and she assured me it was okay, because it wasn't hers that she was doing it to! UGH!

I think the little bookshelf is my favorite part of the bed.

As Emma laid awake last night unable to fall asleep, she came upstairs one time to tell me that she needed a curtain on her little window. Unfortunately, I think Emma has my problem in that her mind starts working in overdrive as soon as she lays down and is then unable to fall asleep.

We're not positive yet on what colors we plan to paint the bed, but I'm sure there will be some purple and pink pastel colors on it somewhere. In the picture I found online of this bed, it showed another double sized bed underneath in that big open space, so I think this is considered a loft bed. We don't plan to put a bed under it, however (and actually there isn't room to since the size was modified to allow room for the ceiling fan to run without decapitating our children!)

This is at least some motivation for me to get to work on getting all of the wallpaper removed. I needed a little fire lit underneath of me, so this should help.

Emma is a very lucky and fortunate little girl.


Jody and Emily Jennings said...

WOW! That bed is amazing!

Kara said...

The bed turned out so cute! I was just showing Guy the pictures and he did mention that he would be more than happy to help Scott reinforce the desk if he needs help with it!

That weather tonight was kind of scary. I sent Guy & Jadyn to soccer and all the sirens were going off & they cancelled it. Jadyn was nervous all evening before going to bed! Thank goodness we didn't get the nasty hail!