Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Miss Evil Knievel

Today was much better than yesterday, in terms of busyness, thank goodness! Gage went to Day Camp again this afternoon and had a great time. Tomorrow for the grand finale, there will be an egg drop, and anyone who is able to keep their egg from being broken from a bucket on a truck that is high in the air will get a special bead for a prize. The container holding the egg cannot be larger than 6x6x6, and the egg has to be raw and nothing can be fused to the egg. We have our egg ready and did a few tests off the roof tonight to make sure it would work. I'll tell you more about it tomorrow!

Emma had swimming lessons this afternoon and she decided she wanted to ride her bike, so that's what we did. She did an excellent job, and I feel like we can probably ride almost anywhere, as long as she's not trying to "show off". Tonight, before bath time the kids were out riding their bikes on the sidewalk and we told them it was time to come in. Emma comes screaming down the sidewalk, then takes a sharp turn down the neighbors' driveway out into the street, nearly bit the dust, but regained control, only to finally wipeout right in the middle of the street. Not sure what she was trying to do, but she said, "Hallie does it!" I guess she's at that impressionable age. I think maybe she learned a little lesson as she came up bleeding, and there was a car coming down the street! Emma says, "What? I didn't see a car!?" Exactly the point Emma!

I know the kids are tired and have been getting to bed later than usual and are getting a bit mouthy, as is Mom. When Mom ain't happy, ain't nobody happy! :-)

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