Saturday, June 14, 2008

I can see clearly now............the dirt is gone!

I can't believe how CLEAN our windows are! I can actually see through them! Actually, it looks as if there aren't even any windows there! We'll surely have birds flying into our windows a lot now! There's something to be said for letting something get so dirty, because when you do actually clean it, it's definitely noticeable!

We started the project around 10 or so this morning and I think it was about 4 or maybe a little later when we finished. We have 15 stinking windows in this house! (I actually did not get the big picture window washed. That blind is hardly ever opened, so I don't see how dirty that window is. I think I'll tackle it tomorrow. We removed every window and had to then remove every screen to get every side of each of the pieces of glass cleaned. I think I have them figured out now, how to work them and remove them. However, I'm hoping someday we can afford to put new windows into our house. I think it would probably be amazing at how much that would cut down our energy costs! Man, we'd almost have no energy bill at all, with all the light bulbs we've changed and the new washer and dryer!! HA HA! I think the power company would have to start paying US! Wouldn't that be nice!?

The kids started out the day completely "bored" out of their minds. The neighbor kids were gone for awhile this morning. Once they returned home, things started to look up in Gage's opinion. They also got to go to the Heritage Center with them this afternoon to hear the reading of the book "Dinomummy" being read by the author. We sent some money with Gage so he could buy the book and have it signed by the author Phillip Lars Manning. They had the big ribbon cutting ceremony this morning for the new Dinomummy exhibit (I think that's what it was for) at the Heritage Center. You can read the synopsis of "Dinomummy: The Life, Death and Discovery of Dakota, a Dinosaur from Hell Creek" by clicking on the link above. It's pretty interesting. It definitely helped me to get more of the window washing done, in a quicker fashion, with the kids gone to this event.

My neck has been bothering me quite a bit for a couple of days now. I have quite a bit of tension on the back, left side of my neck that may end up causing me to make an appointment with my chiropractor, Tonya, who also happens to be a good friend of mine.

Nothing else too exciting to report, other than Gage and I just finished reading The Wind in the Door (the second book in the A Wrinkle in Time series). It was quite a bit for me to take in, so I'll be interested in hearing Gage's take on it in the morning.

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