Friday, June 6, 2008

Here Comes Santa Claus?

Awhile back, when I was talking to my Mom on the phone, she mentioned to me that my Dad decided to stop shaving the day after he retired and said he has grown a beard and that he looked like Santa Claus. This was very hard for me to imagine. The only time I've really ever seen my Dad with facial hair, was so long ago, I can't even remember when it was, AND it was just a moustache. I asked her to take a picture for me. My sister Kysa took a picture that was hanging on my parents' refrigerator and made a photo copy of it to send to me. We received it in the mail yesterday.

This is a picture of my Dad, taken at my sister Jari Jo's wedding in January. This is what my Dad looked like the last time we saw him, at Christmas.

Here is what he looks like now! I couldn't believe it! He DOES look like Santa Claus! I showed Gage and Emma the picture and they didn't know who it was. When I told them it was Grandpa Alan, they were in shock! Gage says we're bringing the hair clippers home when we come over the 4th of July Grandpa, so beware!

We're going to have to find a Santa Claus suit for Grandpa to wear at Christmas.

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Kysa G said...

Colton says that if G-pa is Santa...he's not getting ANYTHING for Christmas..... :o)