Friday, June 20, 2008

Busy in Emma's room

It was a much better day on the homefront. Gage was pretty much a zombie this morning when I woke him up around 7:15 for Camp Edventure. I could tell he was very tired, so I told him if he could just get dressed and tell me what he wanted for breakfast, I would let him sleep longer. I woke him up again about 7:40 in time for him to eat his oatmeal and brush his teeth. Then he sat with me on the couch for a few minutes before Scott took him to camp.

The in-laws left after lunch. The kids were sad to see them go. We had lunch at McDonald's and that typically helps to soften the blow. After leaving McD's we went to Lowe's which is just right up the street. I wanted to see if I could find a board that they use for picket fences to use as a stencil on Emma's wall in her room. I was so excited when a gal helped me find them, and then I found several other things like switchplate covers and outlet covers, along with wall hangings and wall stickers that will go perfectly in Emma's newly painted room................yes, you heard right, newly painted room! Can you believe I finished getting all of the wallpaper off in her room today? Man, I was never so happy. I have been wanting to get that wallpaper off those walls for almost 6 years now and never had the energy or courage to get started. I have just a bit more painting to do before the walls are completely finished. I wasn't very smart at Lowe's when I bought just one 2-inch paint brush and no roller brush. I have painted everything I've done so far with a 2-inch brush, so needless to say, it's taking me awhile. The color is Maitland blue. I remembered my friend Laura had a really nice blue color in her bathroom, so I got the color information from her and then she found that she had a 3/4 full can of it and said I could take that if I wanted. So, I was able to get some painting done and it looks SO NICE! I can't wait to get started on the picket fence. (I may be regretting that idea after I've painted a couple of them!) They're just going to be along the bottom of her 2 walls that have the ledges. Scott took a couple pictures of the bare walls while I was in the process of painting, so when I get them finished I can post some before and after pics. It would be great if all of this would get me fired up to get the rest of the wallpaper removed from the house. That would be the guest/scrapbooking room, kitchen, upstairs bathroom and hallways both upstairs and down. That's alot of wallpaper and I think anyone who puts up wallpaper should be shot down!

I best get to bed so I can get up bright and early in the morning and get the rest of Emma's room painted so we can move onto her bed and the other furniture I plan to repaint. :-)

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