Tuesday, June 10, 2008

"I had a bad day....."

There must be a song that has the lyrics "I had a bad day..............."? One of the boys on Gage's baseball team kept singing "I had a bad day......." over and over and over AND OVER! Unfortunately the words "I had a bad day" are stuck in my head. UGH! Tonight Gage had his 3rd baseball game. Coach Scott left town today, so he missed tonight, and he will also miss Thursday night. One of the other assistant coaches that wasn't planning on being in town, was in town, so it was great that he was there to help. I had another assistant coach there, and he's great help, he just has to be told what to do. Another Dad helped out as well. So, that left me, to be the bench coach AGAIN! I told the other Dad that was sitting in the dugout with me that I thought they were driving me to want to drink adult beverages tonight!!!!!!!!!! I completely lost control at one point and they were all rolling in the grass and being loud and obnoxious. The Dad who was coaching at 3rd base came into the dugout to help me get them back in control. I was thankful for that. The amazing part to me was that there were a string of parents sitting in their lawn chairs not far from where all the action was taking place and they didn't do or say a thing. They just sat there. I'm sure at least one of their sons were involved in the chaos and they just sat there, probably watching the other Dad and I try and restore order to the dugout. Hmmm............I'm not sure I get that, because I know that if I were on the sidelines, I would at least be riding hurt on my own child! I'm not sure how many more night I can do this without committing murder? Of course, I again have no pictures because there isn't even time to think about taking pictures. We may need to change the rules, and whoever is in charge of bringing snacks for the night, is also in charge of keeping the kids on the bench that aren't batting or running the bases under control. Then, I will just sit there like a bump on a log and see how much fun they think it is!!!

Enough of that!

It was cold and dreary today. I haven't talked to my parents, but I think they are probably getting alot of the rain that is falling in the midwest. I'm betting my sister Kim, who lives in Illinois, is too. They aren't too far south of Wisconsin, so I'm betting they are seeing alot of water. I hope everyone is doing okay. We're supposed to be under thunderstorm watches for tomorrow.

Emma is signed up to attend Daisy Scout Day Camp tomorrow from 12:30-4:30 with her buddy Jadyn. I received an email tonight; however, that it may end up being postponed until a later date, due to the thunderstorm warnings they have in effect for tomorrow. She will be sad if it is postponed, but I would rather have it happen on a day that is nice and warm, and not one that is raining and muddy. We did get her a rain jacket today just in case.

We had a better night tonight, thank goodness. I believe that Gage's punishment worked last night and hopefully he won't forget it anytime soon.

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Kara said...

There is a song with "I had a bad day..." I'll sing it to you ALL afternoon tomorrow when we are at Daisy Scout camp! Ha!