Monday, June 2, 2008

Monday, Monday

Today was a fairly quiet day in the Stephens' household! We had nothing on the schedule until 4p.m., which was swimming lessons for both Gage and Emma.

I got a much-needed boost of energy today and got some things done. However, you wouldn't know it if you walked in the front door! UGH! I hate when that happens. I seriously did not sit down to rest today until after supper (okay, that doesn't count the hour and a half I spent on the phone with Emily!). I got ALL of the laundry done. I am SO HAPPY with our new washer and dryer, it isn't even funny! It seriously has cut down the amount of time I spend doing laundry probably by more than half! No kidding! Almost every towel in the house was in the dirty laundry and they were done in 2 loads! That would have been 5 loads in my old washer! I even stripped all the blankets and sheets off of Gage's bed and have them all washed as well. I went through Gage's closet and took out all of the clothes that are too small, and exchanged winter clothes for summer clothes. Maybe tomorrow I can muster up the strength to tackle Emma's closet and drawers? She is such a pack rat that I can't hardly stand going into her room some days. However, when I ask her to get it picked up, she does an AMAZING job! (If she wants to, that is!)

The kids did well at their swimming lessons today. They were very excited about starting back up with them. Gage hasn't had any lessons in a year, so I was glad to see he wasn't too rusty!

Tomorrow Gage starts his Cub Scout Day Camp. He will have it Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 12:30-5:30. He is very excited about it and the fact that he will get to learn how to shoot a bow and arrow, and also shoot BB guns. He has done quite a bit of BB gun shooting in Tuttle, and he's doing quite well with that, so I will be anxious to hear how he does at camp.

It was a dreary, chilly and rainy day today, so it was a good day to stay in and do laundry. I believe we will be having this type of weather most of the week, so hopefully I will take advantage of every one of those days and get this placed organized!

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