Thursday, April 10, 2008

Day 3

Emma had a fairly good day today. She slept in a little later than usual, but she hasn't been going to bed at normal times because of her napping throughout the day. In fact, she's still up now watching a DVD on the portable DVD player in Gage's room! If you know me, and how early I typically get these kids in bed, you know that this is VERY late for her. She napped this afternoon for a few hours and woke up with her throat hurting so I gave her some pain medicine which helped. She's been eating a little bit throughout the day, with popsicles being her main source of intake. She's going to be upset when she's all better and starts getting fewer and fewer popsicles!

We had new carpet installed in Gage's room today and it looks great. We also had a friend selling a bed that we bought from her and put up in Gage's room. It's a captain's bed and it is really neat. He loves it and was so nice tonight when he told Emma she could sleep in his bed tonight and he would sleep in hers. The ladder on the end of it has been in heavy use as Emma has been going up and down it coming to the living room to tell us various things all evening. Tomorrow I hope to get everything else moved back into his room and be finished with it. I'll try to get a picture of it posted tomorrow.

I had to visit the orthodontist today and I sure am regretting that! I have new stuff in my mouth and it is horrible. I think this might actually be the worst I've had so far? They put these bite risers (not sure if that's the correct term or spelling?) on two of my top molars so that I can't put my teeth together. I think he was thinking that because of my constant clenching of my teeth, it's causing my gap to close much slower than he would like. These metal things have turned the sides of my tongue into hamburger. I could barely eat supper, which was spaghetti and nearly choked on the noodles because I can't chew them up since I can't put my teeth together. I had one piece of spaghetti that was stretched half way down my throat, while the other half was still in my mouth and I couldn't bite it off! I couldn't even finish my supper because my tongue is in so much pain. I have huge chunks of wax molded around the sharp parts and hopefully by tomorrow the rawness and swelling will go down some so it doesn't hurt so badly. I guess there's only going to be soft food which I don't have to chew in my diet for the next 3 weeks! I guess I can expect to lose a few pounds over the course of the next few weeks! (So Kara, the invite for ice cream on Sunday sounds wonderful!) It's a good thing I can type this and don't have to talk because it hurts to talk and I sound pretty stupid when I try to say any wordswith an "s" in it! UGH! I hope these next three weeks go by FAST!

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Kara said...

That was very sweet of Gage...especially when it is his new bed!

I am sorry that you are having such a rough time with this new "stuff" in your mouth. Hopefully your tongue will heal up fast.

See you later this morning!