Thursday, April 24, 2008

New activity to obsess about

It's been a pretty quiet day here, believe it or not! Well, that's not true if you count the wind! It is very windy here today and quite cold! It's been in the 30's here and it was a chilly walk to and from school today! I have not yet seen a meltdown in Gage from 3 nights in a row of going to bed later than usual. I'm knocking on wood since the day isn't over yet.

Emma and I ran down to the Girl Scout office here in town before lunch so I could pick up some information about her joining in the fall. She would be a Daisy Scout. I think that is pretty neat, mostly because my Grandma's name was Daisy. Anyway, I can sign Emma up for a Daisy Day Camp in June as it is for incoming and outgoing Daisies. Daisies have always been 5-6 year olds or in Kindergarten; however, the lady told me they were changing that and Daisies would be for Kindergarteners and First grade girls in the near future. One thing you will be happy to know about, is that there is no fundraising in the Daisy Scouts! So, you'll have to wait for us to start peddling Girl Scout cookies! I'm sure you're all bummed about that! I also picked up a Daisy Scout Leader book. I'm not sure if Emma would like it too much if I didn't since Gage has Scott as his Cub Scout Leader. In Daisy Scouts they earn petals for their uniform instead of patches (actually the petals are patches). There are about 10 different colored petals that they can earn by learning different things about being a Scout. I've nearly read the entire book, and am trying to talk my friend Kara into being a co-leader with me since her daughter Jadyn will be in Kindergarten next year as well. (Now, the pressure is on Kara!) :-) Just another thing to add to my list of things to think about and do. I do think the scout programs are good for kids. I never had the opportunity to be a girl scout, and even if I had, I'm sure I would have wanted to be a boy scout instead. I was a major Tomboy and the girl scout thing would have probably been too girly for me.

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Kara said...

Boy, if you have already read the entire could probably take over as the Girl School "Guru!" I'll have to see what you can "bribe" me with! Ha! Ha! Just kidding. We'll talk. :) I am excited for Jadyn to go to the camp though! That sounds like a lot of fun for her and Emma if there are still openings!