Sunday, April 6, 2008

What happened to the snow?

We were all ready for that snow that was forecasted and we didn't see a single flake! We need the moisture too! Apparently they got it all east of us.

I wish my Mom had been here today. She would have really enjoyed our Bluegrass church service this morning. The Missouri River Boys played nearly all of the music and we even got to sing a couple of songs with them, one being "This Little Light of Mine". It was a lot of fun. Sorry you missed it Mom!

My Circle group was cancelled after just 2 of us showed up. Another church member agreed it's hard to make a circle with just 2 people, as 2 just makes a straight line. We came to the conclusion that you need at least 5 people to form a circle. In that case, we're doomed.

The kids and Scott went swimming at the YMCA this afternoon with some friends while I stayed home and proceeded on with tearing off the wallpaper in Emma's bedroom! It is coming off MUCH easier than the other 2 rooms I've done since we've lived here. I'm hoping the rest of the house will go just as smoothly! After swimming, we went over to the neighbors to help celebrate Gage and Emma's friend, Erik's, 9th birthday. We ate supper with them and had some cake and ice cream. Happy Birthday Erik!

Emma and Gage have been fighting over the piano already. I'm sure the new will wear off pretty soon, at least as far as Gage is concerned. Emma wanted me to show her how to play "Peter, Peter Pumpkin Eater" and "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star". I was excited to see how hard she worked on repeating what she heard, and she did a pretty good job! She definitely knows when she hits the right or wrong key.

Not much else to report. Emma is getting prepared for surgery on Tuesday. We asked her today to tell us what she thought was going to happen. She did a pretty good job, so I think she's understanding most of what's going to go on. Please keep her in your prayers and we're praying for a speedy recovery. The Schwan's man was quite excited Friday when I stocked up with 3 boxes of popsicles to help ease Emma's discomfort. I'll keep you posted on how it's all going.

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