Saturday, April 19, 2008

Long day

Before I get into the days' events I wanted you to know that I didn't forget about the video but I am still not able to view the video clip on the website from our trip to the news station last night. I'm not sure that it will be available to watch, now that it's a weather cast that's over 24 hours old?

Today we attended the Scout Show at Buckstop Junction.

Opening ceremonies of the Scout Show. Scott took this picture before Emma and I arrived after her dance class, so I'm not sure where Gage is in this picture? I'm thinking it might be him behind the American flag right in the center of the picture?

Gage in the farthest row in the blue baseball cap and Cub Scout uniform during the opening ceremonies.

Another shot of Opening Ceremonies and Color Guard (whatever that is!?)

Gage getting ready to take his first ride down the zip line. This was the biggest hit with Gage and Emma.

The zip line proved to be the biggest attraction with Gage and Emma. Not even sure if I could guess at how many times they went down the line!?

Gage getting ready for the Pinewood Derby race.

Gage on the climbing wall.

This was a difficult wall that went over the top of the display. I'm pretty sure no one could have made it across that?

Gage crosses the rope bridge.

This could be a scary station with the wind we had today!

Hang on tight Gage!

Heading down the last leg of the rope bridge.


Emma's first trip up to the zip line. She was a bit nervous at first.

Emma takes her first trip down the zip line. She loved it and got right back in the line again.

Gage and Emma getting ready to watch the Pinewood Derby race.

Gage's car takes it's first trip down the track for 4th place in the heat.

Emma crosses the rope bridge.

Slow and steady, steady and slow, that's the only way to go.

Do we have a future tightrope walker on our hands?

We definitely had some wind outdoors today!

Emma's turn to try the climbing wall. She didn't get far and had a piece of dirt or something fly into her eye and she was done. By this time she had had enough!

Closing ceremonies. Gage will receive a patch for attending the show today on Monday at our next Pack meeting

We had a very long day today. We attended a Scout Show at Buckstop Junction. It went from 11a-3:30p and the kids were shot (especially Emma) by the time we left. Actually, she was shot long before we left! This was an activity for all Cub Scout packs to attend and Gage was the only one from our pack that was there. They had another Pinewood Derby race. Gage's car didn't quite meet the challenge this time! There were 61 cars entered and each car had to race 6 races (so if you do the math, you would know that this took FOREVER!) and Gage's car placed somewhere beyond 32nd place! I guess he beat about half of the cars, but I don't think he ever took anything higher than 3rd or 4th place in any heat. Emma's car was entered in the Outlaw group and there were 13 cars in it and hers finished 5th. She finished 1st in one heat and 2nd in 2 heats and I'm not sure all of the other heats. So, they both ended up about right in the middle of their groups. There were some very cool cars there, however. We certainly got some ideas for next year anyway. There was one car that looked like a hotdog in a bun with mustard on it. Another car was shaped and painted like a pencil. Another one looked like a hamster. There were some very neat designs. Gage and Emma's were unique as well.
I believe Emma is nearing normal, but I know she had a long tiring day and had a meltdown at bedtime. We don't see as many with Emma as we do with Gage, but she sure had a nice one tonight! I'm praying that her voice isn't always going to sound so whiney! I'm not sure if whining is the norm now or what? I know one thing for sure, I can't stand listening to it! We go back to the ENT for a followup visit on Monday, and I'll be sure to ask him about that!
I'm hoping for a quiet, whine-free Sunday!

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Kara said...

You guys did have a long busy day! It looks like the kids really enjoyed the day though! People come up with the most unique pinewood derby cars....have you already decided on the theme for next year's car? :) Hope your Sunday was more relaxing....we were out and about and almost stopped over when we passed by your area but thought we better not just "drop" by without notice! :)