Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Leapin' Lizards!

Broadway came to Bismarck last night in the form of the musical Annie. We all enjoyed it. I have a few issues, however. (not a big surprise there, huh?!) First of all, Annie does NOT have straight hair!!! I had a hard time getting past the fact that their Annie had flaming red hair that was as straight as a board! Later in the performance they did "gussie her up" and she came out with a red wig on and the red dress. I could really "enjoy" the performance then. And, she really did look like Annie with the wig on! Another thing that bothered me a little bit, is that the script was different than the movie. I guess that was probably a good thing, as I'm sure everyone around me would have been throwing popcorn at me as I recited the show word for word. At one point during the show, both Gage and Emma tapped me on the shoulder and said, "Mom, she's supposed to be singing that in the bathtub!" So, they obviously have watched the movie a few times as well. Oh, and nobody can play the part of Miss Hannigan the way Carol Burnett did. Aside from the fact that not once during the show did Annie say, "Leapin' Lizards!", we really enjoyed it. My final beef is that they should have started the show much earlier than 7:30pm. Gage and Emma did not get to bed last night until 10:30pm!!! YIKES! I don't know if they've ever stayed up that late, unless we were traveling and not in their own beds? Emma was a bear to wake up this morning, begging me to let her stay home and sleep. Of course I wasn't going to let her do that, as I knew we would end up in a big argument over some trivial thing. So far, Gage has not had a meltdown, but the day isn't over yet, AND he has rehearsal at church tonight for the spring program in May, so I'm sure we'll see one before the day is over, and that will be 3 late nights in a row, so if I don't see a meltdown today, there will definitely be one tomorrow!

They didn't allow cameras to be used during the show, therefore I did not take any pictures. We were far enough away they wouldn't have turned out anyway. Kara was thinking when she brought 2 pairs of binoculars. (Thanks Kara!) I smuggled snacks into the Civic Center in a purse, not really thinking the kids would want anything since we had already had supper, and if we had been at home, they would have been in bed. They were upset by the fact that we couldn't get any of the popcorn or cotton candy they saw others eating, so having the snacks definitely helped. They certainly could not have gone to bed hungry last night because between the 2 of them they ate a package of graham crackers, 2 blueberry cereal bars and a ziploc bag filled up with grapes. Emma ate most of it and was ticked that she had to brush her teeth before getting in bed because she was "too full". I told her we aren't supposed to be eating the toothpaste and to get them brushed!

In our program was an advertisement for upcoming shows which were Hairspray (Emma is pretty excited about that one), Chicago and Footloose. I'm sure I would enjoy seeing Footloose, and I don't have that movie memorized word for word, so I wouldn't know if it was completely following the movie or not! :-)

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Shannon said...

Your so funny Stacy!! I didnt know you were an "Annie" Groupie!! Love ya, Shan