Saturday, April 12, 2008

Day 5

Emma is still feeling a bit rough. I am amazed at how long this is taking for her to recover, even though they told us it would probably be 7-10 days. The doctor said they'll be feeling like crap every day, then one day, she will wake up and be totally back to normal. I hope that's tomorrow!

The cleaning bug hit Scott a little today. He decided to clean out the garage. It desperately needed it. It's amazing all the leaves that accumulate in there throughout the fall and winter. It looks nice. I should take a picture! HA! I don't think I'll be taking a picture of our garage, because even at it's cleanest, it is still a mess.

This morning Emma wanted to spend her 4,000 stars she's accumulated from taking her medicine. We went to the mall as the kids wanted to go to Hallmark. Funny, huh? Whoever heard of a kid wanting to go to Hallmark? Well, that's where the Webkinz are, so that's where they wanted to go. Emma picked out a Husky dog and a pack of trading cards. Gage wanted to spend his money that Grandma Pipi and Grandpa Alan sent. He bought a mouse and a pack of trading cards. (We had to pitch in a little to go along with his money, of course.) This Webkinz trading card thing is such a gimmick. The instructions say you have to have at least 50 cards to play the game. Well, when only 4 or 5 come in a pack, it takes a lot of packs to play the dumb game. We finally have collected over 50 trading cards. I went to read the directions on how to play, and then I noticed it says you need to have at least 50 trading cards and 7 challenge cards. Well, wouldn't you know it, we only have 2 challenge cards! UGH! Apparently those don't come in every deck. I wish I knew someone else who was collecting the trading cards so that Gage and Emma could trade some of our doubles. I have never collected any kind of cards in my life, like baseball cards, football cards, Yu-Gi-Oh cards or anything else. Now these stupid Webkinz cards come out and look at me! UGH! Gage does have some Yu-Gi-Oh cards and I think the Webkinz trading card game is similar to that? I guess we'll have to keep buying the packs to get the 5 more challenge cards we need to play the game. I wish I had gone to college to major in marketing! If only I had come up with these stupid Webkinz!

My sister Kysa called me on Friday and her boys, Dustin and Colton, are for sure coming to stay with us this summer, the duration of the stay is still a bit up in the air. The kids are excited! (I am too!) I know that if I have her kids, I can hold them ransom until she comes to visit me. Kysa has barely been out of the state of Iowa, so I would like for her to get out and see what the world is like! HA HA! I'm going to have to start planning some exciting things to do while they are here. I know all of you fellow Bismarckians (and bigger city dwellers) are probably laughing, like "whooppeee, they are going to Bismarck, North Dakota!" Well, if you have ever been to Sharpsburg, Iowa, coming to Bismarck is like going to New York City! (Well, maybe not quite like that, but close!) Nonetheless, we are excited.

We'll have to see how Emma is feeling in the morning and then decide if she is well enough to go to church. There is an adult Sunday school class that I have been attending that is quite interesting and would like to go, and Gage needs to be there to get signed up for the spring music/drama show. I guess if she's not feeling well, Scott and Emma will get to sleep in a little in the morning.


Kysa said...
Stacy go to this and listen to the music as you read her blog...I think you should do something like this too so that we can associate a song to you....haha....

GE is me said...

Stacy, what about checking a craigslist? for the webkinzs cards- you might be able to trade some of your doubles on there.