Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Finally I could upload the Scout pictures!

Gage helped bring the flags in during the opening ceremonies and now stands at attention to say The Pledge of Allegiance during his pack meeting last night.

Gage is awarded a new patch for his day spent at the Scout Show. He was the only participant from our pack.

We're very proud of you Gage!

Gage is awarded his patch, and as I'm snapping the picture, little Emma walks right in front of the camera so she can get back to the table with that brownie that's going to keep her awake all night! Thanks alot! (She rode her bike to school if you're wondering why she's decked out in elbow pads).

Here is Gage's new patch. I am taking pictures of his patches for his Scouting scrapbook that I hope to get started on sometime in the near future. I finally sat down last night and got all 6 of his patches sewn on his vest.

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