Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Play date

Today Emma got to have a playdate. She has talked about a girl named Meg in her class since almost the beginning of the school year. I hadn't really met her Mom until today. She was really nice. We brought Meg home from school with us at lunchtime and they had a great time playing together. I had fixed them both lunch and found out then that Meg didn't like what I had prepared for her. When I was trying to figure out what she did like, she wouldn't answer me. I started to ask Emma to ask her for me, because I thought maybe she was just nervous to talk to me for some reason? Then, when Scott came home for lunch, he was talking to her and she was responding to him, so I was a little confused. It wasn't until we took her home that her Mom told me she has hearing difficulties. That would have been a nice piece of information to know as I was really starting to wonder why she didn't like me!

Later, I was sitting in the living room on the couch and I was messing around with Gage's Tamagotchi. Meg said to Emma, "Look! Your Mom is playing with that!" Emma replies, "I know, she plays with toys." LOL! I thought that was pretty funny. I do like to play with some of the kids' toys. I used to love playing video games when I was growing up, and have a Gameboy of my own that I got as an adult. I guess her Mom doesn't "play" with her toys? HA HA! If she only knew about my obsession with Webkinz!

It was a really nice day out today and it's supposed to be nicer tomorrow. The girls played outside for a little while this afternoon, so that was good. Then Gage and Emma played outside together rather nicely this evening after supper, so it was nice to see them outside playing. I'm anxious for more of that.

We will be starting to gear up for Emma getting her tonsils out on Tuesday. We haven't talked about it too much yet as I don't want to get her worrying already. I'm sure it's not going to be a fun day!

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