Friday, April 18, 2008


No school today for Bismarck Public Schools. I always used to LOVE days off when I was a kid, but now, I'm not as fond of them. I might be if my kids weren't always fighting...........stop laughing Mom and Dad! We had a few rounds today, but nothing major. The kids went on a picnic at the park at lunch time with Scott while I went to Biolife to add to the vacation fund. They had a good time.

Tonight our Cub Scout group met at the KXMB newstation to watch a newscast for one of the requirements to advance to the Tiger Cub level in Cub Scouts. It was very interesting. I was amazed at how SMALL their office is. Their office is a small room with a bunch of cubicles set up for each person. Then, in the news room, it too was very small. All of the different areas where they do the newscast are right in the same room. We were able to sit and watch the 6 o'clock news live and in person! I was a bit worried about one of the scouts as he pretty much had diarrhea of the mouth. Thankfully his Mom made him sit down next to her so she could put a lid on it! :-) I am going to try to post the video clip of when they put the cameras on our Cub Scout group. Apparently there was another Northridge Cub Scout group there for the 5 0'clock news and they actually got to take part in the weather forecast. They appeared like wild cubs jumping all over the set (you will get to see that in the video clip too. They were a little wild and were jumping all over the weather set............I was thankful that wasn't our group!) I keep checking the website and it's still the noon news, so I will try later to get the video clip on my blog for you. As soon as they turned the camera in our direction, I hopped right up and stood behind a taller Dad who was out of camera shot. A few others did the same thing. You should be able to see Scott, Gage and the rest of our group, along with a couple of brothers and sisters (Emma did the same thing as I did, hopped up and got off the set! Like mother, like daughter!)

We've got a few things on our "Honey-do" list for the weekend. The only major thing is to get the gutters cleaned out. Not that we've had much rain, or have any predicted in the near future! However, the seams are leaking when we do get a little moisture because the gutters and downspouts are full of sticks and leaves. Apparently we (namely Scott!) didn't get that job done at the end of fall. Now that I type that, I'm thinking the reason is because we didn't put our Christmas lights up on the house this year, which is usually when the gutters get cleaned out. I guess we need to stop slacking in the Christmas light department!

I'll try later to post the video. Have a great weekend!

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