Friday, April 4, 2008

Family Fun Friday

You'll be happy to know, things are back to normal. I took the kids to school this morning and when I got Emma to the YMCA, I realized I forgot Show-and-Tell! UGH! I had to run home and get her white poodle Webkinz named Cool Whip. If I could just remember what day of the month it is, I wouldn't forget! She always has Show-and-Tell on the first Friday of the new month! I guess it's a good thing we live close to school!

This morning it was time to draw from our Family Fun box to see what activity we would do tonight. Since Scott was going to be gone, I wanted it to be something simple for me to execute, so I rigged the drawing. I took out all of the slips of paper and put them in my hands like a deck of cards and I did the Old Maid trick. I put the slip of paper I wanted Gage to draw higher than the other ones. I couldn't believe that it actually worked!!! He drew out "Movie night at home with popcorn and drinks". I was already ready and had gotten the new movie that's out called Nancy Drew from Netflix. I had prewatched some of it the other day when Emma had Meg over to play to make sure it would be okay to watch. There was only one bad word that Gage quickly drew my attention to (hell), and they said God a few times. It turned out to be scarier for the kids than I thought it would be, so we were sitting pretty close on the couch together and my arms were being bear hugged. Unfortunately I didn't get the movie started until a little after 7 p.m. and therefore I didn't get them to bed until after 9 p.m. (I will be at the Civic Center all day tomorrow scrapbooking, so I will luck out and miss most of tomorrows meltdowns from them not getting enough sleep!) Sorry Scott! That's what happens when you are out having fun while I'm at home alone with the kids! :-) Then, after I got them to bed, I had to answer 1 million questions about the movie. It was a little over their heads. I had never read any Nancy Drew books growing up, so I wasn't sure what to expect. I'm not even sure what age the Nancy Drew books are for? In one part of the movie, Nancy was fighting off the bad guy and she kicked him in the crotch. Gage says, "She hit the jackpot!" I said, "What? Where have you heard that before?" Gage replies, "I just know it Mom because one time Brie hit me there (pointing at his privates) and it hurt a lot, that's why it's called hitting the jackpot!" Nice! You just never know what you might learn when you're watching a movie with your kids! Anyway, Gage now knows about a Last Will and Testament, as Nancy was searching for one. I wonder when that will come back out of his mouth? I'm sure when we're least expecting it. Gage and I have read a lot of Jigsaw Jones mystery books and A to Z Mystery books and he really enjoys them, so I thought he would like Nancy Drew. I might have to find a Nancy Drew book at the library and try it out on him and see what he thinks. I'm sure the movie is a little scarier with the scary music they play, etc.

Scott left today at lunch time to head to Grand Forks in preparation for hearing Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Barack's opening statement was "Uff dah, there are a lot of people here!" I guess he did his research on North Dakota. He called me at 3:30 and told me he was in line, a very LONG line, and it was moving quite slow, and he didn't think they would see the inside of the building for at least another hour. I guess there was an option of paying $100 to get to meet with them in a smaller group and have your picture taken with them. Thankfully Scott refrained from that "extra". They were playing the speeches live on but I didn't get a chance to watch them. I'll have to make sure to catch the 10 o'clock news (which is about to come on) and see the highlights. I'm sure I'll hear all about it at midnight when Scott gets home! He took my camera with him and I guess he was quite a ways back and didn't get very good pictures. I haven't heard his comments about seeing Hillary yet. I'll fill you in tomorrow and maybe post some pictures!

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