Sunday, April 20, 2008

Go Emma, Go!

We decided today was the day Emma needed to learn how to ride her bike. She got a new bicycle for Christmas and she hasn't been able to ride it because her mean parents have refused to put training wheels on it! I have practiced with Emma 2 times on our sidewalk outside of our house and decided that was about too much for my back AND I can't let go because I'm afraid she's going to wreck and get hurt. That's a good job for Dad. He's better at that than I am! We took Emma to the capitol grounds to get the job done as it has a slow incline that is just suited for riding a bike down, fast enough to keep your balance, but yet slow enough you don't get out of control. Plus, the added benefit of a softer landing on grass! This video I took is Emma's first time down the hill!!!!!!!!! I also discovered I am going to need some serious drugs to get me through future graduations and weddings because I nearly started crying during the video!!!!

Dad gets Emma up on her bike and pushes her out to the middle to get started!

Emma was like an old pro! I think she was just as shocked as I was that she did it the first time down the hill!

Dad giving Emma a little push before letting go.


Here she comes, all by herself!


Dad and Emma take a little break for a few hugs and pats on the back.

Look at her go!

This was good exercise for Dad too!

This is my favorite photo with Gage running behind and if you look closely, you'll see he has books under his arm. He is never far away from books!

Oops! First crash caught on camera!

Let's try the sidewalk where it's faster!

On the way back up the hill!

Ooops! One more crash before we head home.
She certainly needs to get some more practice, but this was definitely enough to gain her the confidence she needs to start working on it at home. I truly was amazed at how quickly she did it. Gage laughed at one point and I said, "Hey buddy, she's getting it quicker than you did!" Gage says, "She is?" HA HA! How quickly they forget.
On a more serious note, I have some bad news to share. We had to take a trip to Walmart around lunchtime for Scott to buy the rest of the energy efficient light bulbs to get the rest of our bulbs switched over in our house. $90 later, we should be saving some major $$! HA! Anyway, back to my bad news. We decided to use some Subway coupons we had and have lunch at the Subway at Walmart. On my first bite, I heard it pop. I had to get a napkin to spit all of the food out of my mouth to dig through it and find Bubba. UGH! Please pray with me that Warford's can fit me in first thing in the morning! It's amazing how good one little tooth can make me feel, and how bad I can feel when I don't have it! Sorry, but I'm not going to take pictures of that to share!


Jody and Emily Jennings said...

Yay Emma!!

Kara said...

Great Job Emma! We are so proud of you! Now you can teach Jadyn all the tricks....we have yet to try that! Sorry about the tooth Stacy. At least you didn't swallow it!

Aneetha said...

Awesome job- Emma... Wow! That's quite a milestone :)

Stacy- sorry about your tooth- hope you feel better soon.