Thursday, February 7, 2008

Acts of Kindness

Gage brought home a little sheet of paper the other day with 2 hearts attached to it that were cut out from pink and purple construction paper. The sheet said that they were doing something fun in their classroom, and had an "Acts of Kindness" poster hung up in their room. Each time we catch our child "in the act" of doing something kind, we are supposed to write their name and date and what they did on this heart and then it will be displayed on the poster in the room. And, if we need more than 2, we can make more to send to school. I have been desperately watching for Gage to do something kind so I can send one to school. Unfortunately, acts of kindness from Gage are a rarity around the house these days. There have been way too many late nights to bed due to hockey. Two days ago they celebrated their "100th Day of School" and had some fun things going on. Then, yesterday, for their 101st day, they were to bring a blanket or a stuffed animal to snuggle with while they watched 101 Dalmations. The night before it just popped into my head that I needed to put Gage's blanket "kie" in his backpack, but I figured since he sleeps with it, I'll just do it in the morning. Well, because there was so much crankiness yesterday morning, I completely forgot about sending his "kie" and stuffed animal. When I was standing in the hallway at school yesterday to pick Gage up, I saw kids carrying pillows and it struck me that I COMPLETELY forgot about his blanket. I felt horrible. I figured he was the only one in his class not to have something to snuggle with. So when Gage came out, that was the first thing I asked him. He said a girl named Katalina loaned him an extra stuffed animal that she had had in her backpack to snuggle with during the movie. What an act of kindness! So last night, as I was making extra cut-out hearts (which I'm sure I won't be needing) I made one for Gage to take to school to give to the teacher to hang up for Katalina. It read, "Katalina loaned Gage a stuffed animal to snuggle with because his Mom forgot his." I'm anxious to hear how that goes over this morning at school. While I was filling hearts out, I really wanted to fill one out for Gage too, but I'm not going to do it if there really isn't a reason to. So, I had Emma come to me so I could tell her a secret. I asked her to go get a couple of books and ask Gage to read them to her so I could fill out a heart for him to take to school. So she did. She took the books into the living room and asked very nicely, "Gage would you please read me these books?" Gage replies, "I'm watching this movie Emma!" She then told him it was for a heart, he didn't seem to care. (Although if he would have read it to her after knowing it was for a heart, he wouldn't have gotten the heart.) Last night I told Scott on the way to hockey practice about the hearts and that I'm really watching for him to do something kind and I'm not having any luck, so asked him to be on the lookout. No acts of kindness were reported. So, anyone out there who will be seeing Gage this month, please be on the lookout for some act of kindness and let me know so he can have at least one heart on the poster at school!

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