Monday, February 4, 2008

So much for peace and quiet

What was I thinking yesterday when I thought I would get 3 hours of peace and quiet this morning? I guess I jinxed myself. Last night I wasn't really feeling the best, and since Scott had the Superbowl game on, I decided to take a bath and go to bed. I was in bed by 8:30 and asleep by 9pm. That is VERY unusual for me. I woke up at 1:30 a.m. and could NOT go back to sleep. I tossed and turned and had all kinds of things racing through my mind. I think I last looked at the clock at 6am, knowing my alarm was going to go off in 1 hour to get the kids up and ready for school. UGH! I stayed in bed a little longer than usual and thought I would let Scott get them up and breakfast fed. He did that and went outside to shovel the driveway as we got some snow in the night. He left for work and I got the kids dressed and then myself. While I was brushing my teeth I heard Brie ring the bell on the back door and heard someone let her out. I went downstairs and was going to pull the van out of the garage and let it warm up before taking the kids to school. Well, when I went into the garage, I noticed the garage door was already open. Then it struck me that Brie was out. I ran outside and saw her tracks in the snow and followed them just down to the neighbors and decided that I didn't have time to go tracking through the snow trying to find her. I ran back to the house and told the kids to get their stuff on and we needed to go because Brie was gone. Gage was the one who let her out and he felt terrible because he didn't pay any attention to the garage door being up. I called Scott and of course couldn't get him, so left him a voice mail at work as I am bawling and trying to find my tall snowboots. As I'm trying to get them out of the closet, my back spasms up on me. NICE! Just what I needed this morning. I finally get my stuff on and the kids in the van and I had a few minutes to drive around the neighborhood before I had to drop the kids off at school. After I dropped Emma off and was heading out of her classroom, I noticed she had her snowboots on. UGH! I asked the teachers what time she had gym and told them about our rotten morning and that I needed to go back out and look for the dog. Kathy told me not to worry about her tennis shoes, she would be fine for gym today. Thank goodness! So, I head back out and finally get a call from Scott and he is on his way home from work to start looking for her. I told him she had made tracks in the snow and that it might be a good idea to follow them. He took off through the snow as I drove around looking for her. He lost her tracks once, then found them again and was headed towards Washington Street, one of the busiest streets in Bismarck. He lost them again as they went out into the busy street. Some lady out shoveling snow told Scott she saw a black dog loose and there was a white car that had stopped, but she didn't know if they picked her up or not. I called the police station to report her missing, and now that she's registered AND has her own collar with her name and phone number embroidered into the collar, I figure she will turn up dead or alive. I went out to look some more and then decided I should just go home and check the messages and wait. There was a strange name on the caller ID, but no message, so I called the number back and got their voice mail. I left a stupid message telling whoever it was that we lost our dog and I was hoping they were calling here because they found her. I called a few more times and kept getting voicemail. Scott is now back at work. The guy calls me back finally. He says he found a black dog on a very busy street and she was nearly run over 3 times. He was taking some people to HIT to work. He made sure to tell me several times that she was almost run over and that he saved her from getting hit. I took that as a hint for reward money. I got directions to his trailer which was out by the Oasis, raided Scott's hunting money stash and took off to get this dog that I despise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I finally found the place and they were outside either putting her in their van, or taking her out of their van, I'm not sure which. I went and thanked them many times and asked him if he would please take the money I had in my pocket. I lied, telling him I hadn't even thought about it before I left and this was all I had in my pocket but I wanted him to have it. He didn't hesitate and said, "OK." It was only $25, but I'm sure he could use it. I stopped by the school to tell Gage I found her since he was feeling so terrible that he was the one who let her out without looking to see if the garage door was up. He was coming out for recess just as I was walking up to the school and he said, "Did you find her Mom?" I told him yes we did and I had her in the van. He said, "Can I come and see her?" I told him if it was okay with his teacher he could. She said that was fine and after I opened up the back, he took about 1 nanosecond to see that it was her and he was off like a flash for recess. I guess he wanted to see for himself that she was okay. I have less than an hour left before time to get Emma from school, that is, if I can get out of this chair with my back in terrible pain. Maybe I can get some rest this afternoon?

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