Thursday, February 21, 2008


What is it with my kids and socks? On Sunday I had ALL of the clothes washed and put away. This morning when I woke Gage up and was getting his clothes out of his drawer, he had no clean socks? I can't keep socks on him when he's at home. Immediately when he walks in the door after school and throws all of his garb on the loveseat, he sits down on the couch and peels his socks off and puts them on the back of the couch. I am so tired of finding dirty socks laying all over the couch, and I know when they start stinking, I'm going to really have a problem with it! So then, if we have to go somewhere, it's easier for him to just go get a new pair rather than remember where he left them when he peeled them off. He can go through about 3 pairs of socks in a day! I can't keep up with that. I guess I'm going to have to go buy more socks!

Tonight I had a volleyball game. I play on a co-ed team at Riverside Elementary. Our team is ranked 1st in our group! It has been fun playing with this group of people. They do a pretty good job of trying to get 3 hits in before sending it over the net. They will also set ME up! Typically when you play with guys, the girls never get to spike. Tonight I bump-set a nice one to one the men on the team, expecting him to hit it over. Instead, he set me up, and I just assumed it was for the other guy beside me. I just stood there and watched it, as the other guy scrambled to try and hit it over. The guy who set me up looked at me and laughed and said, I tried giving it right back to you!! I'll be ready next time! I have had a couple good ones in the past couple games, so hopefully I can get some more!

The other day my friend, Emily, recommended a book to me. The Choice, written by Nicholas Sparks. She gave the book to me on Monday, I believe, and I couldn't put it down and finished it today. Poor Emma kept saying, "Mom, please put that book down, are you going to read all day or what?" I finished it just before I had to leave and get Gage from school this afternoon. I called Emily on my phone and told her she was no longer allowed to recommend books to me because I spent the past 30 minutes bawling my head off! What a great book! I recommend it to all of you. I really love to read good books. I hate to read when it's a book that I don't like. In fact, I can never finish a book if it's one I don't get interested in. I have a couple more new books, Giving by Bill Clinton and The Appeal by John Grisham. I really enjoy reading John Grisham books and just finished Playing for Pizza, also written by him, last month. I'm going to try and read a book per month this year. So far, so good. Gage and I have started reading the 7th Harry Potter book Deathly Hallows, and if it weren't for these darned Star Wars books that he keeps bringing home from the school library, we could get heavily engrossed into that one! If there are any other good books you can recommend, I would love to hear about them!!


Kysa Gordon said...

Ok...I just bought 2 packages of socks for each of the boys today at lunch...haha...then I came and read your blog and found out you are having the same problem as I am....Kysa

GE is me said...

Hi Stacy. ALL of Nicholas Sparks books are good. Most will make you cry. I love Grisham too. I've read all of his books except the most recent one. And if you like Nicholas Sparks books you'll like Richard Paul Evans books as well. His are a pretty quick read as well. I can read them in a couple of nights.