Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day Birthday Emma!

Emma and Silas at their last hockey lessons together yesterday. Aren't they sweet?

Hattie, Margaret, Emma and Silas at the last day of hockey party. We have been attending Margaret Peluso's Preschool Hockey program for the past 4 years straight! We will miss her next year. We would have had one more year with her, but since Emma will be going to all day Kindergarten, she won't be able to attend the 11:45a-12:30p sessions. :-(

Emma and "Brownie" her new Webkinz she got for Valentine's Day!

Gage and Coly the Collie, his new Webkinz for Valentine's Day! (Yes Colton, this Collie is named after YOU!)

Gage also received another great surprise! Star Wars Trade Federation Legos. I think there are a million pieces to this set. Have fun Scott! :-)

Emma chose Texas Roadhouse for her Birthday supper. Silas, Hattie, Luke, Emily and Jody joined in on the fun!

Yeah, so it got a little wild!

Anything you can do, I can do better!

This is the infamous saddle that Emma loves, and is the sole reason she chooses Texas Roadhouse for her birthday supper. She was sitting on Emily's lap while waiting for the saddle to arrive and Emily said she could feel her heart racing with all of the excitement!

Well, okay, the anticipation is way better than the actual event! Now she's quite embarrassed and makes it look almost painful to be on that saddle!

When you celebrate your birthday at Texas Roadhouse, the waiters/waitresses come over and yell out to the entire restaurant that it is Emma's 5th birthday and asks for everyone to yell "YEE HAW!" I'm not sure why she continues torture herself with embarrassment. This is her second year in a row!

It's almost over Emma!

Jody whispering sweet nothings into Emma's ear!

Emily and Lukey!

Emma received a free dessert for her birthday which she shared with the rest of the gang. I was too miserable to even taste!

Jody sings Gage a song about not being selfish.

Wow! Another birthday has come and gone! I can't believe Emma is already 5 years old! My baby is growing up too fast! We had a great day. Emma was thrilled with her birthday gifts. My friend, Sherry, and her 3 kids came over after school and visited a couple of hours and then we met Emily, Jody, Silas, Hattie and Luke at Texas Roadhouse for Emma's Birthday supper. It was VERY loud in there and extremely crowded. Everyone was out celebrating Emma's birthday. HA! I always forget that it is also Valentine's Day, and probably the busiest night of the year. We had to wait quite awhile for our seats, even though we called ahead as required. We had some surprise visitors while we were there. Kim and Juanita Hocking stopped by just to give Emma her birthday surprise. We were surprised and happy to see them. Thanks guys!

Emma was thrilled to death with her new book from Kim and Juanita. Olivia Saves the Circus!

After we left the restaurant Gage was feeling a bit sorry for himself and wondering why everyone was so happy it was Emma's birthday and no one was happy to see him. Emily sang him a great "Happy Un-birthday" song in the parking lot, then when we got home Gage was extremely happy that he too, got a great surprise from The Hockings! And of course, that was the book of choice at bedtime! Thanks again guys! You saved the day!
Overall, I'd say we all had a pretty good day. I too received a very thoughtful Valentine from Scott! I got a Starbucks ("Four bucks" is what Jody calls them) gift card and I'm a little embarrassed to say, my very own Webkinz! :-) I had to laugh, even though I was almost as excited as the kids are with theirs! After I walked Gage to school this morning, Emma and I came down to register our Webkinz on the computer. She wanted to know who's account I was going to put it on, hers or Gage's. I said, "Neither! I'm making my own account!" I believe she was a little shocked. When I registered my Himalayan cat, I received 2,500 Webkinz cash. I bought myself a yard to plant a garden and a few other things and was down to around 250 dollars. Later tonight when I logged on, I noticed my money was down to $17. When I went into the room where my pet was, I had to laugh when I saw it dressed up in cowboy boots, pink cowboy hat, heart-shaped sunglasses and a cute bathing suit. Apparently when we had company this afternoon, Emma snuck down to the basement and spent nearly all of my money on clothes! What a little turkey!!!!!!!! She has about $1,500 of her own and then spends mine!!! I'm going to have to change my password I guess! I think she loves torturing me! I guess it's payback time for me!
I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day!

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