Saturday, February 2, 2008

Cat "Scratch" Fever

Emma and Scratch

Gage's hockey team (green) on the ice at the Bismarck Bobcats hockey game.

Gage (center, green jersey, black helmet)

Gage waiting for the puck to come to him!

Emma, green shirt, just in front of Scratch, collecting hockey pucks on the ice.

Emma with her arms full of hockey pucks!

Gage has a nice collection of hockey pucks as well! (center, green jersey)

Emma (girly-girl at heart) out on the ice collecting pucks in her tights and skirt!

What an exciting night! Gage's team got to play hockey between the first and second periods during the Bismarck Bobcats hockey game tonight!! You can hear them announce his name in one of the videos if you listen closely! He enjoyed the chance to get out there and skate with Scratch, the Bobcats mascot! I took several pictures during the game, and during intermission when Gage and Emma went out onto the ice to pick up pucks after the "chuck a puck" game where fans buy pucks to "chuck" out onto the ice and try to get their puck(s) to land in the little tire out in the center of the rink to win $1000. (No one won by the way)

The game was loud and crazy and the Bobcats scored the winning goal soon after they went into overtime. They have a lot of fun activities during the game. They have a remote control blimp that they run during intermissions that flies around and drops coupons for free meals at whatever restaurant happens to be paying for advertising that night. Tonight it was Buffalo Wild Wings. The first time the blimp was out, Emma tried her hardest to wave it in our direction, and she was quite disappointed when it didn't come our way. The second time it came out; however, being persistent paid off. As she was nearly sitting on my shoulders waving her little arms off, the guy in control of the blimp must have felt my pain and guided the blimp right over us and Emma caught one of the coupons for a free kids meal at Buffalo Wild Wings. She was thrilled! And what a scam that is, to get families to come in and spend $40 to get a free kids' meal! Whatever works! The most exciting part for me was nearly getting knocked off the bleachers by another fan in attempt to catch a t-shirt that was thrown into the audience right in my direction! (I didn't get the t-shirt either, just in case you were wondering. If I hadn't just been taking pictures of the kids on the ice and hadn't had my camera in my hand, I could have put up a better fight!) Oh well, maybe next time! :-)

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