Thursday, February 28, 2008


Emma had a dentist appointment today and WOO HOO, NO CAVITIES! She brushed VERY well before we left. I told her to sing Happy Birthday 4 times while she brushed her teeth. While we were at the dentist's office, my Trac phone rang (nearly scared me to death Emily! :-) so I walked out into the waiting room to answer it. When I came back to the exam table Emma was on, they had just rinsed her teeth of the pink stuff they use to check and see how well she was brushing and I asked how she did. The hygienist was shocked that I didn't brush them for her! That was good to hear. After the appointment Emma had a play date with her friend Madelyn. I took my Cricut to show my friend Tonya (it was just as much of a play date for me as it was Emma!) I was upset when I discovered I forgot the power cord! Ugh!

Not a whole lot else went on today, except for some cranky children needing to go to bed early. Thursdays are always hard on Gage because he has hockey practice on Wednesday nights and he typically gets to bed later than normal. He was in complete meltdown right before supper. We got in his bed and started reading some Harry Potter to get by until supper was ready. That helped to get his mind off of whatever was causing his meltdown. He seems to think he needs a Nintendo DS. He is not getting a Nintendo DS. I have my old Nintendo Gameboy that I drug out of the closet for him to play with. He was having troubles playing Donkey Kong which was what started the whole meltdown to begin with.

Hopefully Friday will be a better day for Gage! We haven't picked anything from the Family Fun Box in a few weeks because we already had stuff going on, so maybe that will cheer him up?

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