Monday, February 18, 2008

Blue and Gold Banquet

Tonight we attended Gage's Cub Scout Blue and Gold Banquet. It wasn't anything too exciting, but I didn't have to fix supper, and that's ALWAYS a good thing! :-) Scott received an award for being a den leader. It was a computer print saying thanks to Scott for being a den leader. We also had to order the candy bars for our den. Yes, there is yet ANOTHER fundraiser! We will be selling Nestle Crunch candy bars (nearly 1/2 pound of chocolate!) for $3 each. For each case sold (24 bars in a case), the scout will have raised $19.60, which will be used for their membership dues. So, that will be nice those fees will be waived. This also turned out to be a way for the Boy Scouts of America to ask for donations. Good thing Scott had his wallet with him, as I don't always carry my purse. That was an expensive coffee mug and patch we bought! It was an evening out after a day spent in. The kids were on vacation today for President's day. I am happy there is school tomorrow. We had a lot of fighting between the two of them today that was causing me alot of stress. I wish they could just get along. (I know you're laughing Mom, because I am being paid back for all of the fighting Steve and I did!) I finally sent them to their rooms. I believe that was just what Gage needed, as he sat in there and played with a bunch of toys very quietly. Emma came out of her room a couple different times to see if she could come out. I finally told them they could come out AFTER they cleaned their rooms and made their beds. They both did a great job and were much better behaved after their "time-outs".

Scott got home yesterday afternoon from his trip to Kansas. It was a DU Kansas State Convention. They asked Scott to give a presentation. This was also a decoy-type party, and Scott was the LUCKY winner of some more decoys! WOO HOO! We needed more of those! He was quite excited because this was apparently a great deal, and was what he was wanting to win at the last decoy party he went to. There were some ladies sitting at Scott's table and he overheard them talking about Webkinz and how they are addicted to them! Thank goodness I'm not the only one! Scott chimed right into the conversation and told them "My wife is into them too and I just went ahead and bought her one for Valentine's Day!" They thought that was a great idea!!! Then yesterday at hockey, I saw a Mom carrying around a Webkinz and I asked her if she was addicted to them too, and she said, "Well, there are some fun games on there I like to play!" Seriously, I was thinking maybe there's something wrong with me, like I didn't grow up or something, but now I'm feeling a little better about it. My friend Emily's kids are into them and I know she is having some fun with them too. Last night she called me up and said, "You need to get on Webkinz right now and Spin the big kinz cash wheel!" :-)

This afternoon my Mom called me and said, "Guess who I have sitting here at the kitchen table with me?" I reply, "Dad?" Mom says, "Okay, well yeah, but who else?" I couldn't guess. She apparently got Dad to take her to Maryville yesterday and talked him into taking her to Hallmark so she could check out the Webkinz. Apparently they had a sale going. If you bought one regular sized Webkinz, then you get a Lil Kinz at half price. Well, she came home with 6 pets. 2 for Gage's cousins, 1 for herself, and one for Gage, Emma and one for me too! :-) She knows the way to my heart! HA HA!

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Jody and Emily Jennings said...

I am all over this fundraiser. I can't say no to chocolate sales.