Saturday, February 2, 2008


Mom fixing Emma's hair (she should have done something with her own as well!!) I love my stocking cap! I'll be in trouble when the weather warms up!

Emma getting her hair done up into a bun.

Holding still is soooooo hard to do!

The Kookaburra hat

Emma's not thrilled with the elastic that holds her hat on!

The cutest Kookaburra in Bismarck!

She even has a tail!

Here are some excited Kookaburra birds!

Getting ready to perform on stage at the Kirkwood Mall.

Emma takes this dance stuff seriously!

I apologize to any of you who may have had a free moment to attend Emma's performance to the Kookaburra song at the Kirkwood Mall this afternoon. I didn't know about the details until last minute this morning and didn't get a chance to notify anyone. I did; however, get video of her performance for all of you to see here. Unfortunately, there was a speaker between Emma and myself, so it's not the best. My apologies. She did a wonderful job and we were so proud of her. She really enjoys dance, and despite being shy at times, she seems to be okay with performing as well.

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