Wednesday, February 20, 2008


FINALLY! My appointment to see the dermatologist was today. Of course, my problem areas have gotten a little better, but they are still itching and inflamed, so I kept my appointment. I made sure after I dropped the kids off at school to come back home and take a really hot bath to get it all flared up so there would be something worth looking at when I got to the doctor's office. When I went in and told the receptionist at the front desk I had a 9:30 appointment with Dr. Luger, she looked me up in the system. She says, "Who is the appointment with?" I replied, "Dr. Luger." She entered my information again. She says, "When did you make that appointment? I don't see that you have one scheduled, do you remember who you talked to?" As fumes start to roll out of my ears, I told her that the appointment was made over 2 weeks ago, and NO I don't know who I talked to when I made the appointment because my doctor friend, Rob, made the appointment for me because when I initally called they said their first available appointment was in JULY! So, as I stood there, she got up and went to the shelf behind her and found some paperwork with my name on it and said, "Oh, here it is, you must be a new patient?" Whew! Lucky for her she found it! I sat down in the waiting room and waited about 10 minutes or so. That wasn't too bad, I thought! Then after I went into the treatment room and talked to the nurse about my problem. She left me to wait. I believe I probably sat in there and waited for the doctor for at least 40 minutes! UGH! Of course they only had cheezy magazines and no television, so I was left to admire the terribly cluttered room that is obvious no one straightens on a daily basis. FINALLY the doctor came in and looked at my legs. I told him about the dry, scaley, itchy places on my arms, neck, stomach, armpits, bends of my knees, etc. He wrote me a prescription for some cortisone cream and said I have dry skin. NO KIDDING!!! I could have told him that! He gave me a handout on what to do for dry skin and sent me on my merry way. I think he spent a maximum of 2 minutes in the exam room with me. Which was completely fine with me, because he was a little weird and had a very flat affect. So, I went to the pharmacy and filled the prescription and then went to Target to get the lotions that were recommended on the sheet of paper. I'll be interested in seeing the amount of that bill, because I'm sure he made a killing with that appointment! I just pray this stuff works. I did not know this, but read it on my sheet, that you should put lotion, i.e. Eucerin, Aveeno, etc on immediately after you bathe and before you dry off to keep the moisture in. I will try to do this in the future to prevent this from happening again. (Kysa, it also said that hot tubs are bad for the skin, which is what I'm betting your problem is with your places on your back).

On a happier note, Emma invited her friend Silas over for a play date this afternoon. As they were walking out of the building hand in hand, another little boy in their class asked his Dad why Silas was going with us? I told him that Silas and Emma were buddies and they were going to play this afternoon! (I'm sure he'll be interested in the girls someday!) They had a great time playing and I enjoyed the peace and quiet. Did I say peace and quiet? Yep, I sure did! I think we might have to invite him over more often! They built a fort in Emma's closet and played in there so nicely. Tonight when I checked it out, I noticed there were a bunch of books in there that they must have been looking at and Emma's Leapster. When it came time for me to go get Gage at school I went down to Emma's room to get them to come and get dressed for our walk, Emma looked at me funny as she stood there in her gymnastics outfit as Silas stood there half naked getting ready to put on one of Emma's other gymnastics outfits! LOL! I wish I had caught him dressed in it because I would have certainly tortured him with a picture the rest of his life! HA HA! I bundled them both up in snow pants, hats, mittens, etc for our walk to school. It was very cold, and I guess I shouldn't complain about all of the complaining they did on the way to school! I have never heard such wimps! HA! When we got to the school Silas says, "Stacy, I think my cheeks are frozen!" If you have seen Silas, he has the cutest chubby cheeks and they were as rosy as could be! Then he said, "I think they have frost bite!" HAHA! I gave him my scarf for the walk home; however, it was much more pleasant coming home than it was going to the school, as we had the wind at our backs. After we got home they got to watch a Magic School Bus DVD with popcorn until it was time for Emily to come and get Silas. We had a good day today!

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