Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Who are you, and what did you do with my child?

This morning Gage woke up in an unbelieveably good mood, despite the fact that he got to bed a little later than normal because of the Blue and Gold Banquet! He was very quick with his please and thank you's, and willing to do whatever I said. If I had asked him to jump, he would have said, "How high?" Apparently our conversation the other day about being upset and angry and how it's bad for your body, did some good! I told him that stress was bad for your heart and your head, and that when you're upset, sometimes you get headaches because of the pressure and sometimes people can have chest pains because of it. We rushed around this morning getting ready to leave for school and he was being polite despite all of the rushing. On our walk to school (which was quite cold I might add!) I said, "See Gage, how much better it is when everyone is happy and getting along in the morning?" He agreed that the morning was much better than usual. Gage said, "Not only was it nice for you Mom, but I even feel better because of our good morning!" I thought to myself, "Who are you, and what did you do with my child?" I left him at school and hurriedly walked home in the brutal cold. When I got home I had a message on the answering machine from Gage telling me, in such a sweet voice, that we forgot to put his shoes in his backpack, and if I had a chance, could I bring them to school for him. I put my coat, hat and mittens right back on and took them to school for him. I jogged half the way because it was freezing and I just wanted to get home in the warm house.

I walked to school this afternoon to pick him up, and also brought a friend's daughter home with us because she had volleyball practice at 4:15 and it was easier for her to come home with us than for her Mom to make 3 trips to the school within a couple hours' time. I thought it was brutal this morning?! HA! That was nothing compared to the walk home this afternoon! My forehead and eyebrows were hurting it was so cold!!! I told Paige that I would drive her back to school because I didn't think she needed to walk back in temperatures like that! The temps definitely dropped from this morning to this afternoon! It's supposed to be even colder tomorrow! Thank goodness Emma goes to school too and I can drive!

We ate an early supper so I could take Emma to dance (we did a make up session tonight since she will be attending Jadyn's birthday party on Saturday and will miss her regular dance time), and Scott and Gage had a den meeting at another Cub Scout's house because they have a shop in their backyard and they were trying to get their Pinewood Derby cars finished up for the race on Sunday.

Anyway, Scott and the kids got home about 8:30 tonight, which is another late night to bed for the kids. My normal Gage is back. He's already had a meltdown from lack of sleep last night, and I can only imagine how it's going to be in the morning! UGH! I begged him before I left his room, "Please, please, PLEASE wake up in a better mood in the morning Gage!"

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Kara said...

Sorry to make Emma go to dance later tonight...I didn't even think of that when we scheduled Jadyn's party!