Friday, February 1, 2008

Bad news

Well, I got a call from Lisa at the school today. Gage cannot get a breadstick with his hot lunch. If he was allowed to do this, then others would want to as well, and they wouldn't know how many to prepare in the morning and then they would end up being thrown away and wasted. Basically, total anarchy would break out in the lunch room. I don't understand why it couldn't be made as simple as this, each morning when they do a lunch count, ask the kids if they want a breadstick, if they do, make one, if they don't, don't, and they get charged for the breadstick if they requested it regardless if they took it or not. Or, maybe you could buy tickets at the office ahead of time and use those tickets to order your breadstick in the morning and then use it again to get your breadstick as you go through the lunch line? I'm sure that would be too confusing to implement. Maybe they could hire me part-time to be the breadstick monitor at school so I can make sure Gage gets one and that they aren't wasted. I could shove the breadsticks into their mouths if they ordered one and didn't want it. I'm just going to have to find them myself. I asked her where they get them and what brand they are, and they are Baker Boy breadsticks from GFG Foods.

Gage's hockey team is going to be recognized tonight at the Bismarck Bobcats hockey game as the team of the future. (I guess that's because they aren't the team of the present?) Anyway, all of his teammates will have their name announced and get to walk out on the ice to be recognized. So, I guess we'll be going to the hockey game tonight for that. Then, tomorrow night his team gets to actually play between one of the periods against another white mite team. So, we'll have to go to that hockey game as well. I think maybe tonight we'll just go for the time that his team is announced and then leave. Gage drew our activity from the Family Fun Box this morning and he drew "Go to a movie at the theater". He wants to see Waterhorse. I'll have to check it out and see what kind of movie it is. Not long ago Gage brought home a paper from school that he did. They must have been talking about life cycles. Anyway, he wrote on the paper "When I was a baby, I could jabber" "When I was a toddler, I could ride my trike" "Now I am 7 and I can watch PG-13 movies." UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was a little embarrassed when I pulled that from his backpack. I said, "Gage, when do you get to watch PG-13 movies?" "Mom, that Spiderman movie that Grandpa and Grandma Stephens got me was PG-13, and one of the Star Wars movies they got me for my birthday was PG-13." I didn't know the Star Wars was PG-13, but the Spiderman movie has been put up on the top shelf of the closet (out of Gage's reach) since I overheard the movie saying bad things when Gage was watching it one day. I'm sure his teacher was curious about that paper! A proud moment I thought I would share.

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