Sunday, February 24, 2008

And the winner is......................

Gage's Pinewood Derby races were today at the school and he is thrilled to death! His car came in 1st on his first race! Races 2-4 he came in 2nd, race 5 he came in 1st and race 6 he came in 2nd. He won a blue ribbon and is very proud of it! They give 1st place ribbons to the top 1/3, 2nd place ribbons to the middle 1/3 and 3rd place ribbons to the bottom 1/3. All I can say is that they set the standards high and I'm not sure how it can get much better than that in the years to come??

Gage's Star Wars X-wing Fighter with R2-D2 as the pilot.

Gage's car was in lane 3 for his first race, and you can see here that he won first in the heat.
After the real races, they allowed anyone else who brought a car to race. Scott and Emma also brought their own cars. Scott's was the Greenhead Gear themed car and Emma's was the yellow Slug bug car.

Here are our cars lined up to race. Scott's is the black car with the mallard (just in case you didn't know), Emma's is the yellow slug bug complete with flowers, and Gage's is the X-wing fighter. Unfortunately Emma had to leave the races early to attend a birthday party at the bowling alley so she did not get to see firsthand how well she did. Emma's car won EVERY race it was entered in!

I got a picture of Emma, Gage and Scott's race and as you can see here, she didn't win by just a little. Her car was SMOKIN' down the track! Scott wants me to also mention that he did not do any lubing on his car, as he didn't want to beat the kids. (I don't care how much lubing he could have done, his car wouldn't have beaten Emma's!!) Okay, Gage would want me to mention that his car DID beat Emma's once, but it was only because he gave hers a late start! :-) I wish she had been there to see her car race. She was a little upset during the "weigh-ins" because when Scott was trying to take some weight off of her car by drilling a hole in the bottom, he accidentally drilled completely through the car, creating a big hole on the hood of her car. She was not happy about that, but I guess it worked out for the best!

Gage displaying his winning car and his blue ribbon.

This is a video of Gage's first race that he won. I'm not sure how well it will turn out here, but Gage is in lane 3, the white car towards the middle of the track.

Our first experience with Pinewood Derby racing was a good one with no tears and no broken hearts!

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Kara said...

Yeah Gage....and Emma too! Nice try, Scott! We thought about coming to watch today but didn't know what time you were racing! Plus today Kya actually took a nap! I am sure the girls would have enjoyed it. Awesome cars!