Sunday, February 3, 2008


I think I am going to rename Sunday as Crankday. Sundays always seem to be hard for us because typically we do things on the weekends and everybody goes to bed later than normal. The "fun" started on Friday. Emma decided she was going to make a fort in the living room (as you can see in the picture above). She used all of the kitchen chairs, nearly every pillow in the house and a bunch of blankets to build her fort. She was very proud of it and wanted desperately to sleep in it Friday night. I knew better, but I figured what fun is it if I never let them do these things. After we went to the hockey game Friday night and looked for a movie to rent (there weren't any good kid movies to go see at the theater, which was Gage's draw from the "Family Fun Box"). We ended up getting home around 9 or so and got the kids into their pajamas and attempted the campout in the living room. By 10pm I had had enough. Emma was so tired she could hardly keep her eyes open if she was still for any length of time, so she kept fidgeting about and constantly needing something, like a drink of water, night light, etc etc. Scott had fallen asleep on the couch while I sat there getting more and more mad at Emma for not going to sleep. Finally I had had it and got up and went to bed and threatened Scott he better not come to bed until the kids were asleep. I didn't even hear him come to bed when he finally did. Then our Saturday was very busy with dance class, hockey game, dance performance at the mall, Bobcats hockey game, Gage playing at intermission, etc etc. So, another late night. That brings us to today. Meltdown city! We are all tired and cranky and I can't wait til bedtime, which is going to happen as soon as the kids are out of the tub. Scott is bathing them as I type.
There are a few family happenings I want to mention. Thursday was my Dad's official start to his retirement. He told Mom Wednesday night, "I just don't think I'm going to get up to go to work tomorrow!" I hope they don't kill each other! HA HA! Especially since tomorrow is their 46th wedding anniversary! Congratulations Mom and Dad! I'm excited to see what the future of retirement holds for them. Also, my Mom told me on the phone that my niece, Sara, was accepted into dental school! Congratulations Sara!! I don't have all of the details, but I believe she is going somewhere in Southern Illinois? How exciting! She will be a wonderful dentist and at Christmas she talked like she was going to specialize in pediatric dentistry. If she wants some good practice, she can use Emma as her dummy. She would learn a lot trying to deal with her! :-)
I'm hoping for a quiet week ahead. Emma goes back to school tomorrow after being off all of last week for parent-teacher conferences. I will enjoy the 3 hours of peace and quiet I will have tomorrow morning! I hope you all have a wonderful week!

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