Saturday, February 16, 2008

Spring is in the air

The weather was beautiful here today. But with beautiful weather this time of year comes slushy muddy messes, which sure dirty up a vehicle in a hurry. This also is starting into my least favorite time of year, spring. Spring is my least favorite season. Spring means mud, which means muddy dog feet, which means tracking all over the house. It also means shedding those winter coats. Brie shouldn't have as much shedding going on when that really starts up with all the wrestling she and Nel are doing. When they are done I have to get the swiffer out and sweep it up and I have had at least 5 huge piles of dog hair that I have swept up. I wish there was a market out there for pet hair, because I would have the market cornered for sure!

I'm glad the day is over. We had dance this morning and I had to gear Gage up for hockey in the basement of the church while Emma danced so that I could have him nearly ready when we got to his hockey practice. We weren't very late at all, so that was good. After hockey Gage went to play with his friend Grant at his house. He had a great time. Emma wasn't very happy about not getting to go, so I told her we could go do something special. We had lunch at DQ and she enjoyed that. Then we ran into the mall to get a few birthday presents for parties we have coming up. She was ticked about that too because she didn't get anything. I guess having a birthday just 2 days ago isn't good enough? UGH! I hate when they get the "gimmies". Then Shannon invited us to eat supper with them at Los Amigos. I didn't have to cook a thing today, and that's always a good thing! :-)

Scott gets back tomorrow. The kids don't have school on Monday due to President's Day or something like that? I have tons of laundry to do and the knob broke off of my washing machine. I am improvising with Scott's leatherman in the time being. Both the washer and dryer are about to bite the dust I think? The dryer is awfully noisy and squeaky when it is running and the washing machine won't spin out half of the time. I think I am in need of a set of those super large capacity, super efficient washer and dryers. I want to be able to wash 100 towels at once. Just think how much time that would save from doing laundry!!!

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Kara said...

Maybe you should check never know, somebody might need some of that dog hair! :)