Thursday, March 13, 2008


Today was Emma's appointment with the ENT doctor and audiologist. The audiologist reports that she can hear just fine. Her tympanogram looked good. He said the antibiotics that she was on could have cleared up that fluid in her ears. We then visited with the ENT doctor. Emma liked him. He came in joking around with her and he actually had her warmed up and talking to him before he left the room! I don't think she said 2 words to the audiologist? He said, "Is she always this quiet?" I told him I only could wish she would be that quiet at home! Anyway, the ENT guy put his headlamp on and told Emma to open wide and say ahhhh. She opened her mouth as big as she could and he only had a glimpse of them and took his head gear back off. He looked in her ears and said she had a big chunk of wax in one of her ears, but he would just take that out when she was alseep. (His personality hasn't changed much, huh Juanita?) He basically was telling me that we are going to take out her tonsils and adenoids. I know they need to come out, so I was fine with that. She snores very loud at night (almost as bad as Grandpa Alan!) and could start having obstructive sleep apnea. She also has a lot of the other signs, such as very thirsty in the night, and very restless sleeping. Emma was really listening and trying to understand everything. They sent us to another room with a gal to set up the surgery and she was telling Emma she could have popsicles every morning for breakfast for a WHOLE WEEK! Emma said, "I don't want popsicles for breakfast." WHATEVER! When we do have popsicles, she's begging for them at breakfast time, and it doesn't end until they are gone. She had just figured out what we were talking about and she decided she wanted nothing to do with popsicles if that means getting her tonsils out! The gal was trying to explain things to her. I said, "That's probably not a good idea, the less she knows the better." She was telling me that kids do so much better when they are informed and know what's going on. I told her, "I'm sure that's true with your typical kid, but trust me, she doesn't need to know this stuff right now!" I think they lady was thinking I'm a bad mom. If she had been with us that day at the Public Health office getting 4 shots, she would understand what I was talking about. I am not going to let Emma go in clueless, it just isn't necessary to get her to start worrying already! I can tell her what she needs to know. I never tell the doctors or nurses that I am a nurse, because I don't think it's any of their business, and I want to hear what they would tell a normal person. Sometimes they figure me out when I get to asking too detailed of questions. Anyway, Emma is scheduled for her T&A on April 8!

We finally had the plumber come to see why our washing machine has been draining out onto the basement floor for months (our last appointment for the day). He had to snake the pipes, which took him awhile to do. The hand held one wasn't powerful enough, so he had to go for the big dog. The problem is fixed, and now that we have that fixed Scott says we can get a new washer and dryer. The dryer sounds as if it's going off into orbit at any second, and Gage can't sleep if it's on at night. So, we'll be shopping around for new appliances when he gets back into town. YEAH! I hate having to spend the money on them, but it will be nice having my laundry time cut in half with a huge capacity washer and dryer! Also, I really liked the plumber. He's a great guy. If any of you are needing a plumber here in Bismarck, call Gregg's Plumbing. He's a one-man show and his cell phone was ringing off his belt loop. He was really a nice guy. He said he has 6 kids, ranging from 14 months to 19 years, and 2 of them with red hair! I feel his pain!


Kara said...

Good luck to Emma and you, too! I hope things go as smooth as possible...she'll come around to the popsicles for breakfast, I bet!

Was he a really good plumber or did you just think he had nice plumber's crack? Ha! :)

Kysa said...

Maybe that's why he has 6 kids cuz he wife loves his plumbing too...haha!!!! Maybe I am glad I married someone that I am not so fond of his plumbing. Two kids are plenty.......haha...
PS: Good luck to the popsicle girl....:o)