Saturday, March 1, 2008

Scouts Winter Fun Day

I'm not sure what state the weather forecasters were calling for warm weather and no wind for, but it certainly wasn't North Dakota! Gage had a Winter Fun Day scheduled today for Cub Scouts. It was all of the Cub Scouts packs in Bismarck, I believe? Anyway, we went dressed for nice weather with jackets only. I ended up having to leave to go get all of our winter gear! It was COLD and WINDY out there! I went home and got everyone's winter coats, hats, gloves and I also picked up Gage and Emma's boots and snowpants. I'm sure they were much appreciated, even though they didn't say it. Our group's first activity was Dodgeball. I wasn't sure if Gage had ever played dodgeball, but after watching them, I do believe they have played, but just haven't mastered it yet. Dodgeball was my FAVORITE game to play in gym class. I was always one of the last ones left and I'm sure the boys hated me! It was fun to see Gage play. However, I must say I was VERY disappointed in his sportsmanship! He was very ticked off when he got thrown out and was yelling at Scott and I to stop telling him he was out! I was helping out the station leaders by standing along the sidelines keeping everyone honest and making them come out when they were out, whether they were on my team or not. I also helped them to get back in the game when it was their turn when someone would catch a ball on our team. Gage just couldn't be happy if he was OUT, and he let Scott and I know it! That is something we are going to have to work on. If there's one thing I don't like, it's a sore loser. Now don't get me wrong, I like to win and hate to lose, but I'm a pretty good sport about it regardless. Emma got to play too, and it was funny watching her. She was clueless as to what they were doing and she just stuck around Gage and did what he did. At the next station they had balloons tied to a string which was then tied to their ankles and they were to run around trying to stomp on the other kids' balloons and pop them. Emma did understand this game and it was funny watching her run from all of those boys, especially Gage when he was determined to pop her balloon. She did very well and kept her balloon from being popped, but she decided to quit before the game was over because she wanted to keep her balloon. Gage's balloon was blown up just to the point that it wouldn't pop. There were kids standing on his balloon trying to pop it and when he was trying to get it away, his string broke off of his ankle. His balloon never did pop. There were several more stations that they enjoyed despite the cold and windy weather. I nearly had another wipeout when I slipped in the mud. I did remain standing this time, and I was glad of that! I would have been a muddy mess had I hit the deck! Gage and Emma both earned patches for their efforts today. Emma did have to leave early so that she could attend a birthday party with her friend Silas. Emily came to pick them up to take them to the party. I decided at that point I had had enough and jumped in to ride with them and left Scott and Gage to fend for themselves. It was a busy, tiring day and the kids were worn out tonight.

Gage got his candy bars today to sell for his Cub Scout pack, so watch out! At $3 a bar, they are a little pricey, but very tastey (they are plenty big as well)! We bought one this morning and shared it amongst the 4 of us. Gage decided that would be good for his sales pitch, that he could tell them that the candy bars are really good, because he tried one for himself! :-) We've sold 1/2 a box so far. Emma is quite ticked that she doesn't have anything to sell. She decided that she was going to sell one to our neighbors Dave and Maggie. She didn't even give Gage a chance to get over there before her. Dave asked her what she was selling them for and Emma replies, "For money!" HA HA! I told her to be patient because starting next year, with Kindergarten and Daisy Scouts (or whatever they call them at that age), she'll have plenty of selling to do! That is one thing I hate doing, selling things for fundraisers! UGH!

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