Saturday, March 22, 2008


Today were going to go attend Dakota Hills Baptist Church's egg drop. We didn't make it. I didn't realize today was Saturday (I have that problem when the kids are out of school), and Scott thought it was at 2 p.m. As I walked through the kitchen, and past the calendar, where I had the flyer hanging, I saw it and gasped and said "What day is today?" Scott says, "WHAT?" I pointed at the flyer. He said, "It's at 2." Then I pointed at the time, which was 10 a.m. Darn it! The kids were very excited about going to it and we had every intention to go. Unfortunately we messed up and missed it. I talked to Emily today and she said that Ryan, the new pastor, said there were about 80 kids there, plus parents. So, the odds of us winning any of the big prizes weren't that great. Maybe next year?
We dyed Easter eggs today to get ready for the big hunt tomorrow. It was a messy project, but we managed to keep from ruining anything (I think). Gage had a Star Wars egg coloring kit and Emma had a glitter egg coloring kit. Besides the kits I bought, Grandpa and Grandma Stephens brought a blow pen coloring kit. That was the messiest thing I've ever seen! (Please don't buy those again, even if they are a quarter...................there's a reason they are that cheap!)

Emma brushing some glitter onto her beautiful egg!
Gage and Emma dyeing Easter eggs.
Gage showing off his Yoda egg and Darth Vader egg.
May the Force of Easter be with you!
Emma thoroughly enjoyed our "project" for the day.

" Look Ma!"

Emma's beautiful dozen

Gage and his Star Wars Easter eggs!

I must admit, the Star Wars egg kit was pretty cool. The kit contained plastic sleeves that you put around the egg, then put it into hot water and it shrinks around the egg. Initially Scott had gotten a bowl of water and I was watching Gage try to get this wrap on his egg. I thought to myself, "Yeah, I figured it wasn't going to work!" Then, I heated up the water in the microwave and then put the egg with the sleeve on it into the water and I was amazed at how quickly it shrunk down and fit perfectly onto the egg! I guess the water wasn't hot enough to begin with. With the wrap on it, there wasn't much left to color, but we dipped them in the dye anyway to make them a little more colorful. I'm sure Gage isn't going to let me make egg salad with them tomorrow!

The Easter bunny has baskets ready for the kids, but they don't seem to have a lot in them. The items they want cost a little more now that they are older, so there aren't as many. I guess it only gets worse the older they get. I'm sure they'll be pretty thrilled with what they did get, or at least I hope they will. I'll post more pictures tomorrow of them in their Easter outfits and with their baskets.

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