Friday, March 14, 2008

On a mission

This morning I was on a mission. I was desperately needing cat food, as my cats thought they were going to starve to death this morning! Grus was really making me feel guilty as he howled and howled about his empty food dish! He was very happy, and already on top of the refrigerator waiting, when I filled his dish! Not many stores are open in the morning after I drop the kids off at school. Kohls actually opens at 8 am, so that was my first stop. I was looking for an Easter dress for Emma. They had nothing there that I cared much about. I did, however, find a few things on the sale rack. :-) Next stop, Petsmart, for cat food. They open at 9 am. I then went to Sears, who opens at 9:30. They did not have any dresses that struck my fancy either. They did have a few boy shirts on the sale rack, however. (Scott probably won't be too impressed when he looks in the checkbook!) After Sears, I headed to JCPenneys. The stores in the mall open at 10 am, so I timed it all perfectly. JCPenneys had several cute dresses, so now my dilemma was which one should I pick? It always happens to me. When I am on a mission looking for something specific I can never find it, at least not easily. It doesn't matter where I go first, they never have what I'm looking for, and typically the last place I go doesn't have much either, but I was finally happy with what I found for Emma there, and I got Gage a shirt there as well. Not matching, but as close as you can get, colorwise. I then was headed to Limited Too. Emily's mother-in-law is here visiting before they move, and brought a coupon with her. Limited Too is having a Webkinz sale with select ones. Buy one, get one free! That is a good deal, and I should have stocked up on some birthday presents for future parties the kids will be asked to, however, since I had already spent some money, I had to refrain. I did buy one, and got one free. I was searching for the new tiger snake Webkinz that appears on the website now. Gage wants it badly. Limited Too did not have it, but they put my name on a list to call when it comes in. From there I went into Lee's Hallmark. The gal was stocking the Webkinz shelf when I went in, and I asked her if they had any snakes. She said she hadn't come across any yet, but she had another box to unload. She said to come back in about half and hour and she thought she would have them out. I went to browse in Target and while I was there, I took my phone out to call Emily and just about crapped when I saw the time! It was 10:45 and Emma would be getting out of school in 45 minutes. The time certainly got away from me. I headed back to Hallmark and she was SLOWLY but surely getting more and more Webkinz on the shelf. I think she was doing this on purpose! I felt really stupid has I hung around waiting for her to hopefully bring out a snake, and was also really worrying about the time issue. I was almost ready to leave and she came out and brought a snake right to me! I was so excited! I went to the register to pay for it, and decided I best get 2, in case Emily wanted one for Silas. As I was leaving the store there was a mother and her son in the entryway to Hallmark and I heard the boy say, "THEY HAVE IT MOM! THEY HAVE THE SNAKE, THEY HAVE THE SNAKE! MOM, THEY HAVE THE SNAKE!" I knew right then I didn't make a mistake buying the 2 of them, because if Emily didn't need it, my plan was to sell the extra one on ebay. The Easter bunny will be bringing Gage the snake Webkinz and I can just see his face now. Now I just need to find out which one Emma is wanting desperately. Actually, I know which one that is, the Sherbert bunny. It is newly retired and selling for $60 or more on ebay! NO KIDDING! She won't be getting the Sherbert bunny, needless to say. Anyway, that ended my shopping mission for the morning. I felt like I accomplished a lot. I definitely accomplished getting rid of some of Scott's paycheck! :-) And, I made it to school on time to pick up Emma!

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