Saturday, March 15, 2008

Second place

Gage's hockey team got 2nd place in the tournament. They did a great job this season. In the beginning they were barely a match to place against. They certainly improved throughout the season. I am very glad the hockey season is over. A lot of the Mom's talked of being sad that hockey was over. Not this Mom! I've never been more happy! :-)

We've had quite a busy day with dance, hockey and Grandpa and Grandma Stephens arriving for a visit over the weekend. The kids are thrilled.

The weather has cooled off just a bit, but it is drying up outside and that is a good thing. Brie can track more dirt in than any dog I know. That might be because she wants outside every 10 minutes. I think she wants to stay outside all day, but she thinks she might be able to fool me when she comes in each time to think it's time to fill her food dish, which doesn't happen until 5 pm when Scott gets home from work. So, she barks to get let in, then as soon as she realized I'm not falling for her little trick, she wants right back inside. This continues ALL DAY long! UGH!

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