Friday, March 7, 2008


I seem to have a bad case of CRS. This morning I dropped Gage off at school, then dropped Emma off at the Y. I drove up Washington street, then got onto Century and was driving east on my way to Emily's house to help her do some packing. My TracPhone rang and nearly scared me to death. It was Gage. He was calling from school. He said, "Mom, you forgot my show-and-tell today." UGH! I asked him if he thought he could go without show-and-tell today. He said he really wanted to show his Harry Potter wand that he made at a Harry Potter party last summer. Thankfully I hadn't passed 4th Street, and turned there to head back home to get his wand. I took it to school and dropped it off. Then, I headed back for Emily's. I got on the interstate and exited off at the Oasis to go to her house. At that point it just dawned on me that Emma had show-and-tell today too! I called Emily to see if she had remembered Silas'. I was thinking that if she hadn't remembered, then I could continue on to get something for him, then head back home to get Emma's. She remembered. So, I got right back on the interstate and drove home to get something at the house for Emma's show-and-tell. I was sure to tell her teachers to let her know I brought something (she was at gym class when I got to her classroom) so all of that effort wasn't worthless. So, I headed back to Emily's praying there wasn't something else I had forgotten. Yesterday I forgot Gage's library books and had to make a second trip to the school so he could check out new books during his library time. And, twice in the past couple of weeks, I had forgotten to put his shoes in his backpack so he could remove his snow boots at school, and have made extra trips for that as well. I feel like I am losing my mind. I hope this isn't early onset Alzheimer's! My Mom talks a lot about forgetting things, and I'm thinking this must be hereditary? LOL! It certainly can't be my fault? HA HA! Actually, I'm going to blame the kids on this, because if they would just do what I say when I say it, we wouldn't have a problem at all! :-)

At Emily's we got several boxes packed. All of her glassware and some toys and clothes of the kids. I plan to help some more next week. She only has 2 weeks left here. I'm so sad. I don't really want to help them pack, because it means they're leaving. However, they will be leaving whether I help them pack or not, so I'm doing all I can to help. That is going to be one terrible day when I take them to the airport.

After school I took the kids to a friends' birthday party at the Mandan Community Center. Alan turned 10, which is hardly believable. I remember when he was born when we all lived in Memphis. I have always been annoyed by boys in the age range of 9-11, and the party just confirmed it again, that boys in that age range are terribly obnoxious! I was glad to get in the quiet car to drive home. However, it wasn't really very quiet with Emma talking a mile a minute, but it was definitely more quiet than at the party!

We have a busy day ahead tomorrow. Tomorrow night we are hosting our monthly card group. We have a lot of picking up and cleaning to do, along with dance, hockey, another birthday party, etc. etc. I'll be glad when this busy weekend is over!

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