Sunday, March 30, 2008


The kids are so excited. After talking with my sister Kysa this past week, I think it's decided her kids are going to come and stay with us for a couple of weeks this summer! Gage asked me today, "Mom when is Coly and Dustin going to be here?" I shouldn't have told them yet, as I have a feeling this is a question I am going to be asked frequently in the next few months! When Emma was a baby, my niece Katie came and stayed with us for a week or so (I guess it's been long enough ago I can't even remember how long it was she stayed with us?) and it was a fun time. (I hope Katie felt the same way!) Anyway, we are so excited! There's no backing out now Kysa! :-)

Today we got up and made it to the 9am church service. That was no easy task after my shot of NyQuil last night. I love that stuff! It works better than any other medicine I am aware of in helping me not cough my lungs up during the night! I've had a terrible headache most of the day and am hoping I won't have it when I wake up in the morning! One thing that really stinks is waking up with a headache.

The kids had a good day. We played outside for quite awhile this afternoon. I tried getting Emma to ride her bike a little bit without her training wheels and she isn't quite brave enough, or determined enough to do it. We then went to the backyard to play a little baseball and ended up having to put the zip and hit toy away because Brie couldn't stand the fact that the ball couldn't be retrieved by her since it is stuck on the zip line. She LOVES to play baseball! Unknowingly, we taught her how to retrieve the balls and bring them right back to the pitcher's mound and drop them last year. She then gets back into her defensive position and gets the ball everytime. Makes my job A LOT easier. Scott doesn't necessarily like her playing this game with us, as he thinks it could ruin her on retrieving ducks. I think she's smart enough to separate the two activities. It's the only thing she does that makes me really like her! :-)

We're hoping for a good week this week and that everyone gets to feeling back to normal! I hope none of you have caught this nasty stuff that's going around!

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