Thursday, March 20, 2008

The day has arrived

Well, the day I have not been looking forward to for about a month has arrived. The Jennings family is on their trek to South Carolina. They finished packing and loading the moving truck yesterday and closed on their house while I had the pleasure of watching Hattie and Luke. I told Emily I would pick Emma and Silas up at school, so not to worry about that. I loaded up the 2 little ones and headed to the YMCA. One of the mothers of a classmate of Emma walked in at the same time as me and was telling me what a great friend I was to take care of the kids for the day. I enjoyed being able to help. However, when we got inside, all of the other mothers were asking me about what was going on with them and that they were going to miss them, etc, etc. When the kids came out of the classroom all of the mothers were telling the kids that they better tell Silas good-bye and give him a hug because they would never see him again. I totally started crying. I didn't even think about that happening when I told Emily I would pick them up. Had I thought of it, I might have sent her instead! I told the teacher, when she picked Luke up to give him a kiss "This wasn't supposed to happen!" I was a mess. Oh well, just a way to get me primed up and ready for today. Emily and Jody finished up with all of their stuff and were at our house around 4:30 and they stayed the night with us. Survivor was even on (it is always on Thursdays, not Wednesdays) which is a favorite of Jody and Emily and also of mine. Jody wants to be on Survivor, and I hope to see him on there one day. I think they would totally pick him, being a young pastor with no hair! HA HA! Emma wanted Silas to sleep in her room on the floor with her. Hattie slept on the floor in Gage's room with him. Emma WOULD NOT go to sleep. Silas had fallen asleep at one point, then Emma woke him up. We finally put Silas up in the extra bedroom until Emma fell asleep, then Jody put him back in Emma's bed. He was totally relieved to get out of her room to a place where it was QUIET! That was so funny.

This morning Emily and I got up at 3:45 a.m. to head to the airport. Her flight left at 4:40 a.m. I was amazed at how quickly we left the house. Last night I was trying to figure out what all we had to do in the morning and was asking Emily all sorts of questions. It went so smooth. Luke was not happy about me putting him in his carseat, but once we were all in the car and driving, he was fine. She had 2 big suitcases and 2 carseats to check, then her stroller, 2 bags, Hattie with another bag, and Luke to carry on. I admire her for being brave enough to fly with 2 little ones. That was nothing compared to a trip they made last fall to South Carolina to attend a wedding, I think, and she traveled alone with all 3 kids! YIKES! I know I would NEVER attempt something like that. Emily is an amazing person, and there is nothing she can't do. I held it together a lot better than I thought, but walked away crying. She did too. When I was leaving the airport I couldn't get an attendant to take my parking ticket at the ticket booth. I sat there for about 5 minutes, back up a little, then pulled forward again, trying to get someone's attention. I didn't see anyone, but the lights were on so I knew someone was there. I had honked the horn once, with no results. Then after a few more minutes I honked 2 more times. FINALLY he came and let me through the gate. Scott told me when I got home I was supposed to slide my ticket through some thing. I don't recall anything like that, or seeing instructions to do so. He tells me they were there, and as much as he travels, he probably knows. I'm sure the guy thought I was an idiot! Oh well. Jody and Silas were to have left around the same time as we did for the airport, but when I got home, the truck was still there and the lights were out. I had to wake Jody up to make sure he hadn't overslept, and he said he was working on getting out of bed. I'm sure he was quite tired as Luke didn't sleep the best and woke up crying several times in the night. I got Silas up and got him ready while Jody got ready. I had Scott get Gage and Emma up so they could say good-bye, as I thought they might be really upset to wake up and everyone was gone. Gage was sweet and told Silas he would get an extra egg for him in the egg drop that their church is having on Saturday and would send it to him. It was so sweet when Silas gave Emma a hug. He told her he was really going to miss her and gave her a big long hug and looked at her so caring-like. Of course the tears started flowing again and I told Jody he was supposed to have been gone before I got home because I didn't want to go through it all again! :-) Anyway, I helped him get Silas loaded up in the big truck and off they went. They are driving as far as they can today. I think he's wanting to make it to Chicago at least. Emily and the kids will land in S. Carolina at lunchtime, just in time for naps, so that should be good. We are going to miss them sooooo much. Good Luck guys!!

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Jody and Emily Jennings said...

I miss you already. But our flights were good. Hattie was amazing, Luke was ok. I am SO tired.