Friday, March 21, 2008

Good Friday

Today the kids had no school and Scott did not have work. We slept in a little this morning before Gage and Emma had some friends over for a playdate. They were here a couple of hours and I believe they had a good time.

After lunch we took the kids to see Horton Hears a Who. It was a cute movie. Especially if you know the book as well as we do. It was one of Gage's favorites that we would check out at the library when we were attending story time with Mother Goose. (At one point, I couldn't read a book without trying to make it rhyme, as Gage was heavily into Dr. Seuss!) It was funny to hear Emma giggling during different parts of the movie. There was an older gentleman behind us that was doing alot of giggling as well. :-). We called this one of our "Family Fun" activities that we had drawn from the box and didn't do because there weren't any movies in the theater that we wanted to see at the time we drew it out. And, since it was Friday, Emma insisted on drawing another activity from the family fun box. She drew out "Go shopping and everyone gets an item!" Gage bought part 2 of Pirates of the Caribbean with most of his own money, Emma bought a big ball to annoy me with, I bought a Caramel Frappucino at Starbucks :-) and I don't know that Scott bought anything? I'm sure it's coming! HA HA!

We've heard from Jody a few times. Last we heard he was 300 miles from his destination in S. Carolina. He said he would get there around midnight tonight. We're hoping he makes it there safely. Silas is doing well and is completely entertained with DVD's, Leapster games, etc. Emily made it safe and sound. We already miss them terribly. Gage has talked a lot about them already and wonders if we can visit them. We will be visiting them and hopefully soon.

Yesterday I tore into the guest room and since I had all of my scrapbooking stuff taken down so the room could be occupied, I was able to get to the filing cabinet once again and did some major paper shredding. I believe I have completely cleaned out the filing cabinet and am going to reorganize the room so it isn't so overwhelmingly cluttered. Soon we will be hitting the basement. Gage and Emma, despite being warned not to, invited their friends to the basement this morning and I was mortified when I realized where they were when their Mom went to tell them it was time to go. Our basement is a complete war zone and I have told the kids they aren't to have anyone in the basement until it is presentable. I guess I can look at it on the positive side, and they aren't allowed any playdates for awhile as punishment for disobeying the rules.

Looking forward to another quiet day tomorrow!

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