Monday, March 10, 2008

Yes, I'm still alive!

Man, I have been slacking in the blogging world! I have no excuses, except that I was being lazy!
Today was such a beautiful day outside! After Gage got home from school we spent the rest of the afternoon outside. Gage and Emma were trying to have toothpick races along the curb as the water runs down the side of the street from the melting snow, but their toothpicks kept getting hung up under the little glaciers. I tried breaking them all up to clear the way, but the ice was too think in many places. Emma made an attempt at riding her new bike from Santa Claus today, without training wheels. She's terrified if I let go, and I couldn't let go for more than a nanosecond because I didn't want her wrecking and coming up a muddy mess.
We did have a scary thing happen this evening before supper. Gage and I were outside and I was fiddling with something in the garage while he was trying to get his bicycle out of the side garage door. He wasn't able to get it through the obstacle course of sleds, shovels, etc., so he decided to open the garage door. I'm not sure what he did but the garage door only opened up a little ways, maybe like 2 feet, and stopped. I told him that we needed to keep the garage door down, because I didn't want our trusted, loyal, canine companion to make a break for it AGAIN! Emma had come out the front door and said, "Hey, why is the garage door open only a little?" I told her because Gage was trying to get his bicycle out and it didn't open all of the way. I went over to push the button to close it and as I walked away from the button I saw Emma under the door and the door was closing on her as she was trying to crawl under to get into the garage. I've seen and read stories about kids getting killed by being crushed by garage doors and I panicked. I ran over to her and hollered out her name and the door then went up. THANK GOD for the little garage door sensors at the base of the garage door. That is a safety feature EVERYONE should have. So, all of you out there reading this, if you don't have one, get one and install it TODAY! Emma freaked out because she thought I was yelling at her and she took off into the house crying like crazy. I followed her in and was trying to find out if she was okay and she wouldn't answer me or come to me. When I told her why I was so worried, she finally told me that she was just scared, not hurt. I only looked away for a second and that second could have been the worst second of my life had we not had those garage door sensors. Our garage door is the original to this house and is wooden and heavy and would have completely crushed her if it weren't for that sensor. I've read all of these stories about kids being run over by their parents backing out of the garage, and about kids being crushed by the garage door and I've always thought, "How could that even happen? Those parents must have been careless." Well, I'm here to tell you that it can happen to ANYONE and THANK YOU GOD for saving my little Emma today! Go buy your garage door sensors.

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Kara said...

Oh Stacy! That would have been so scary! Glad that you have those sensors and that they worked! Poor sweet Emma must have been so scared too!