Thursday, March 27, 2008

School work

I was trying to scan one of Gage's school papers to share on my blog, but it won't upload it for some reason. Yesterday he brought a paper home from school. They were working on Adjectives for How Many. They were to "Write about the people in your family. Use adjectives that tell how many". Here's what Gage wrote word for word, with his spellings.

My sisster has twenty one webkinz! Dad has a gazillyon decoys. Mom has a trilyon scrapbook thigs and I have four peple in my famaly.

I thought that was pretty funny. I asked him which number was higher, a gazillyon or a trilyon. He said a gazillyon so I guess Dad has more decoys than I have scrapbook things. I better get some more Cricut cartridges! :-)

So far, knocking on wood, I have not yet had to make a second trip back to school this week with any forgotten items, i.e. library books, shoes, etc. I know there's another day yet in the school week, but I'm doing pretty good so far!

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