Thursday, March 6, 2008

The sky is falling

You would think, coming to our house, that the sky must be falling! This morning Emma logged onto Webkinz to play. I left her in the basement to play a little while and I did a few things upstairs. She comes running up the stairs hollering hysterically for me. I'm like, "WHAT HAPPENED EMMA?" She was crying and could hardly get out what was wrong. Well, apparently the Sherbert Bunny Webkinz is retired. Yes, you heard it correctly, the Sherbert Bunny is retired. She cried for at least a half an hour, and it wasn't a fake little cry. I told her that I'm sure they would come out with another bunny, since Easter is right around the corner. "No they won't Mom! They have new ones listed and NONE of them are BUNNIES!" She wanted to go to the store right then and there. I knew better. We do need to go to the store, however, as she was invited, yet again, to another birthday party. Actually, she and Gage have a party to go to Friday after school, Emma has one Saturday afternoon, and they both have Silas and Hattie's party to go to on Sunday. I think the word got out that we buy Webkinz for birthday gifts?? I'm going to have to start giving rocks, because we can't afford to keep being invited to parties. Gage told me the other day he told a girl in his class that he would get her a Webkinz for her birthday if she invited him to her party. UGH! Gage, we don't ask to be invited!!!!! I'm hoping we don't get an invitation. I don't even know who the little girl is? After I went to get Gage from school the first thing Emma had to tell Gage when we came in the door was about the newly retired bunny. He scrunched his face all up and was like, "Mom, is that really true?" When I said it was, I thought he was going to break down just like Emma did! Seriously, you would think the sky was falling around here!

Oh, by the way, I took some of my prescription muscle relaxer and anti-inflammatory medicine (migraine rescue medicine) before going to bed, and I was so excited that I woke up headache free this morning! Whew! Those headaches I get just really stink, and I hate when they linger on for days!

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Kara said...

Glad to hear you are feeling better! Have fun helping pack today....hope you guys get lots done so Emily can relax and feel more organized.