Monday, March 24, 2008

Last day of Spring break

Today was out last day of spring break. We had a pretty good day. Gage and I finished reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. It didn't end the way I was predicting! I intentionally stayed away from all of the media stuff when the new book came out because I didn't want to know what happened. I did hear a few things, but what I heard wasn't correct! Gage and I certainly enjoyed it and the rest of the books! I'll be anxious to start reading them again when Emma is interested. It took Gage and I 1 1/2 years to get all 7 books read, and I'm sure most of you know, these are NOT small books. And to read it all out loud, whew! I recommend these books to all of you who have not yet read them! I'm not sure what we're going to start reading next, but we have a lot of new books to dig into. We have the Chronicles of Narnia series and I've been told those are good as well. Any of you have any suggestions on good books to read?

Gage had a dentist appointment today. He did not have any cavities, so that was a relief. They put sealants on 4 of his molars and the dentist has referred us to the orthodontist. He has a bad crossbite that needs attention. When the hygienist was cleaning Gage's teeth she asked him if his teeth ever hurt, and he said just in the mornings. I have heard him grind his teeth a little in the night at times, but I think there's more clenching going on than anything. The dentist said that could certainly be a cause of some of his headaches. As we were standing at the front reception desk, they were getting ready to call Dr. Warford to refer us there. I asked them if I could just make the appointment myself, as I will be there tomorrow anyway. We will probably have an account with them for the next few years with Gage and then more with Emma. I guess it's good I've gotten to know them quite well over the past year!!

Emma was feeling a bit better today, but still felt a bit warm to me. She has a bloodshot eye, and I'm hoping it's not pink eye. I may end up taking her in to see the doctor tomorrow, because I'm quite sure they won't let us through the doors on Wednesday at school if her eye is still looking like it is. It's not draining anything, so I'm not convinced it's pink eye, but I know the YMCA won't want to take any chances and will probably make me take her in to have it cleared before she can come back to school. Maybe I will luck out and it will be gone tomorrow? Keep your fingers crossed for us!

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What was her great deal? Where did she get it? I'm already jealous.