Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Back to school

Gage seemed to feel well enough this morning to go back to school today. Initially he said he was a bit dizzy when he got up, but I told him I thought that might be because he hadn't eaten much of anything in awhile. He had oatmeal for breakfast and said he felt better. I told him to be sure and call me if he needed to come home. He made it through the entire day, but said his stomach was doing "flip-flops" most of the day.

I have had a headache most of the day today. After lunch I decided it would feel good to lay down awhile, so I asked Emma to watch a movie with me. She picked out The Wizard of Oz. She got this DVD for her birthday and she really enjoys it, all except for the "green witch". Emma talked and talked during most of the movie. At one point, I apparently started to doze off and Emma got up off the couch (which must have woke me up) to see if I was awake. I had just opened my eyes and she said, "Oh, I thought you were sleeping because I thought I heard you snoring." HA! I probably was, but thankfully I opened my eyes just in time to satisfy her, then I drifted off again. I had to make sure to stay awake after awhile so I wouldn't sleep through going to get Gage from school. It was a bit of a nasty walk as it was blowing wet snow in my face. It certainly woke me up, however. Gage reported that he got an A+ on his spelling and dictation test on Friday, which is a grade that first graders don't get! YEAH!

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