Sunday, March 16, 2008

Like no other

We have been planning for several weeks now to attend church today at Jody and Emily's church, Dakota Hills Baptist Church. This was our last chance at getting to hear a sermon of his. Jody guaranteed me that this would be a church service like no other I've been to before. He was right. First of all, I've never seen the lead pastor also be the lead singer during the service. (Which by the way, he was VERY good at!). Second of all, I've never been to a church service in which the pastor gave a sermon about bad sex. (Which by the way, was also very good!) Thirdly, I've never been to a church service in which party horns were given out to each member of the congregation to blow during the service. (Gage and Emma liked the fact that we had 2 horns for them to blow on the way home). We enjoyed our adventure and, I think we're probably at the right place, with a bunch of other reserved Presbyterians! Ha ha! Thanks Jody and Emily for the invitation. We enjoyed it and are sad that we won't be able to have another experience like the one we had today. Their church will be sponsoring an egg drop next Saturday afternoon in celebration of Easter Sunday. Unfortunately I made the mistake of noticing a small typographical error on the flyer, because we could have been the only people attending since the wrong date would have brought most people out a month from now and could have been the lucky winners of an X-box 360, Nintendo DS and an iPod nano! Darn! Oh well, we'll have a chance to win the items just like everyone else in Bismarck! The kids are excited to go. They will be dropping 2000 eggs from a crane suspended in the air, and the lucky eggs will contain all sorts of prizes, included the 3 I mentioned above!

I hope you all had a wonderful Palm Sunday. The kids were also excited to bring home a couple of palm leaf branches to celebrate the day. I was feeling a bit guilty after receiving a notice in the mail from our church about needing kids to participate in the procession of palm leaf branches during the church service. The kids didn't miss out on a thing, and also enjoyed their time visiting another church service today.

Thank you Jody and Emily!

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