Friday, April 24, 2009

Bismarck Youth Baseball

Tonight we had to be at SMCHS at 5:30 for Emma's T-ball team uniform distribution and team pictures. I have to say that Bismarck Youth Baseball is the MOST organized group I have ever seen. They have things figured out, let me tell you. Two summers ago we signed Gage up for Parks and Rec T-ball and we were so disappointed. The only thing we enjoyed about the season is that Jody Jennings helped Scott coach Gage's team, which meant Emily and the kids were at most of the games and I had someone to talk to and Emma had someone to play with. That was the MOST unorganized group I have ever seen! We showed up (Scott was the coach, mind you) and there were no bases, no T's to hit off of, no helmets, no nothing. After that season, I was determined to get Gage into the Bismarck Youth Baseball program. Last year, initially Parks and Rec wasn't even doing baseball and it was all Bismarck Youth Baseball, so everyone who wanted into the program was allowed in. I was happy that we were able to get in that way. Anyway, I was super impressed with the whole organization and how smoothly everything flowed. It was no different tonight. We arrived just a little before 5:30 as the team was supposed to be ready for pictures at 5:40. When we went inside the school, they had a table set up with a guy there to register each team. Only the team coordinator was supposed to register at the table. Then when they called your team, they had all the kids line up to go into the gym, no parents allowed, to get their uniforms. I had to go make sure of how it was going to work this year, because last year they had a rental truck and all the kids, one team at a time, piled into the truck, stripped to their underwear, and they came out fully dressed in uniforms. I wanted to make sure, since Emma is the only girl on her team, that they didn't take her into the room with the boys to get dressed. I think that would completely traumatize her. They told me they had a separate room for the girls, so not to worry. Then, the parents just stood around talking and waiting. The kids then came into the other gym where they lined up for a man to take individual pictures. When he finished with each child, they then went to the area where the team photo was being taken and one of the volunteers would bring each parent a sack with their child's clothes in it. They took the picture and then we were given the schedule and sent on our way. They make sure that all of the uniforms fit, the zippers work, etc etc, so no one can come back saying they didn't get this or that, or say that the zipper was broke when they got them. Everything is in working order when it is put on each child. They get hats, jerseys, pants, belt and socks. The hat and socks are yours to keep and everything else gets turned back in at the end of the season. I think part of what makes it so organized is that they keep the parents out of the way and then do their thing. When I saw Emma in line in the gym for the individual pictures, I almost started crying. She is SO CUTE in her uniform it isn't even funny. It is mandatory that all kids have their complete uniform on for games, or they don't get to play. Hat included. Emma had her hat on with her little piggy tails sticking out the bottom and she was adorable. I wish I had my camera with me. I will be getting pictures though, so don't worry about that. Emma is playing for the Twins and Gage is playing for the Diamondbacks. I'm sure he's going to HATE wearing purple!
Tomorrow we do the same thing again for Gage.

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