Thursday, April 23, 2009

Nice weather = Sunburn

Emma got her first sunburn of a long, hot, summer season ahead. UGH! We fight nearly every morning about what she wants to wear to school. She wants to wear tank tops and I tell her that that is not appropriate clothing for this time of the year. I went to Old Navy yesterday to see if I could find some things that she would be able to wear OVER her tank tops, to make her happy. I found a cute gray zip-up cardigan sweater that will go with just about everything. She looked very cute this morning in her knee-high argyle-like socks, tan skort, navy tank top and gray sweater. I know she takes the sweaters off inside the school when she gets hot. This bothers me, but there isn't a whole lot I can do to control this unless I am going to sit in the classroom with her and be her shadow. However, I assumed that she wouldn't be allowed to go outside like that. You know what "ass"uming does! Today Scott picked me up at lunch and we ran a couple of errands and on our way home, we drove by Corpus Christi and saw Emma's class outside at recess. She was only wearing her tank top, not the sweater. UGH! Scott says, "Stacy, I don't know why you don't just let her be. It's not that big of deal." Okay, well, to me it is and her coming home looking like a lobster makes it even MORE of a big deal to me. She has (and has had since this fall) a small container of sunscreen hooked inside her backpack, but she didn't think to use it. I can't put sunscreen on her at 8am and expect it to still be working in the afternoon to prevent her from getting sunburned. We talked about it while I gave her her bath tonight and told her how she is going to have to take extra special care of her skin since she is red-headed. We talked about skin cancer etc, etc. Hopefully she will remember to put the sunscreen on next time if she decides she can't wear her long sleeves outside. As I said, it's going to be a LONG summer.

The nice weather has helped tire the kids a bit and I didn't have too many difficulties getting them to sleep tonight. Scott was gone for the evening and after I had them in bed, I laid down on the couch to watch Survivor. I was apparently dozing because one time Gage came up to say, "Mom, I want a pair of Heely's and Alexandra having them makes me jealous. Can we get some tomorrow?" Then Emma comes up and says something just about as off the wall. They were both asleep when I checked at 8:20p though, so I thought I was did pretty good. I slept better last night and am planning to get a good nights' sleep tonight. I'm going to need it tomorrow as I am filling in for one of the lunch ladies at Corpus Christi! Thankfully they won't be eating nacho boats tomorrow!

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